Beer while Breastfeeding?

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My LC said she had a friend who drank a glass of wine while pumping after her baby went to bed. She got tons of milk because she was able to relax.

Johnny - posted on 03/22/2011




I had a beer sometimes when I breastfed. It definitely helped me relax. I was very stressed by the entire thing because of my low milk supply. And stress doesn't help low milk supply. My doula suggested having a beer or wine to relax and gave me the same information as Lisa posted about the safety of it.

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There have been days recently where I could've really used a beer lol. If I was just nursing I would be fine with it and I have had a beer here and there. Usually it's after my daughter goes to bed. Now that I'm pregnant I won't drink even though some will say that's fine too. I think drinking while breastfeeding is fine as long as it's done responsibly (not getting drunk, for example). I go by the phrase, "if you're safe to drive, then you're safe to nurse." I think it's funny that these moms meet up at a bar.

Ashley - posted on 03/22/2011




I think its fine, im not a beer or wine girl myself but if i was you could bet i would have had a couple during my breastfeeding months.

Minnie - posted on 03/22/2011




I drink occasionally. I have no issue with having a drink or two while breastfeeding.

While alcohol passes freely from the blood to the milk and is metabolized out of it- one must understand that it is not the same as an infant or toddler having a shot of whiskey- the alcohol percentage in the milk is the blood percentage- and thus the child breastfeeding typically receives about 2.5% of the alcohol amount the mother actually consumes. So that's 2.5% of a glass of wine that is 15% alchohol.

Research shows that some young infants will take in less milk when there is alcohol in the milk and that alcohol suppresses the milk ejection reflex. It would be a good idea for mothers who choose to have a drink and still nurse to pay close attention to how their babies are nursing. I personally have never noticed a change in my MER or the amount my daughter has nursed.

Alchohol does dehydrate- so it is important for the mother to remember to drink water to stay hydrated.

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