What age would you like to be for the rest of your life?

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Just curious to see what age would you like to be for the rest of your life?

I think I really liked being 24...Ill be 26 in a few weeks but I really think 24 was one of my best years...of course there will be plenty more to follow so maybe the best is yet to come!

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Amy - posted on 08/22/2010




30, I think - old enough to still be able to pull (a 16-18 year old boy asked me out the other week at the mall, lol!) but old enough to be taken seriously by most adults. I'm not quite there yet, so ask me again at the end of next year ;-)

I honestly think I could dig being old, wizened, yet sharp of mind and cantankerous - but I'd get pissed off with being increasingly incapacitated.

LaCi - posted on 08/17/2010




I'm looking forward to being 30, honestly. 25 sucks. 16-22 were all awesome, but I think 30 is going to rule.

Jocelyn - posted on 08/17/2010




Oh and Alisa, you can STILL dance around your room to Wham ^_^ Just close the blinds so nobody can make fun of you lol

Jocelyn - posted on 08/17/2010




Well, I am quite enjoying being 23. I'm smarter and hotter than I was in high school (well, minus the stretch-marked abs of flab, thanks children! but the rest of me? I can rock a skinny jean!) and I finally feel great about myself and my life ^_^
We'll see how I feel in a couple more years...although I am looking forward to be being 27...

Lyndsay - posted on 08/16/2010




19... old enough to know better, young enough not to care. Plus its the legal drinking age here.

[deleted account]

Ya, if I could freeze time for Roxanne it would be now too....23 months AWESOME....LOVING IT! She's SO much fun. I don't want her to grow up! :(

[deleted account]

Probably 20 because this has been the best year yet but only if Logan could stay the same age too =]

Amy - posted on 08/16/2010




Honestly I wouldn't want to stay one age forever, it would get boring. Every year just keeps getting better and better for me. Staying one age would make me miss out on so many fun things like having grandchildren and watching them grow up.

Although I'm just starting my MBA this fall, I wish I could fast foreword the next 4 years because I know it's going to be exhausting juggling Work, Family and School.

Rosie - posted on 08/16/2010




21, right when i started realizing how immature partying all the time was, and when i had a GREAT body, lol! i was looking at old pics of me the other day, and i sat there thinking to myself. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? when i told myself i was fat back then? i was goooooood, lol!! well, still didn't have a butt, but that's ok.

[deleted account]

I was an awful person in my 20's.. So I'd have to say 32. This is my best year so far. Although I would like my 25 yr old body back!!

Krista - posted on 08/15/2010




I like Loureen's idea. Mind of 35-year-old me, but body of 18-year-old me.

Charlie - posted on 08/15/2010




You know ever since i was little i always looked forward to being a grandmother , weird i know , im not in a rush but i still cant wait !

Jane - posted on 08/15/2010




Well, I'm 51 and I don't think I've reached the age I would want to be for the rest of my life just yet. For me, my life has been so amazing so far...are there times I could have done without? Sure, but the good has far outweighed the bad and my life just keeps getting better and better. So, I'll refrain from saying I want to be "this age" for the rest of my life cuz' I'm not sure the best has come yet :)

Tah - posted on 08/15/2010




i dont think i would want to be any age forever...there are a couple of years i would do over....but i still wouldnt stay...

[deleted account]

Oh I don't know. My favorite year was when I was 18 but then I wouldn't have my son. So I think I'll just take each year and make it the best I can.

[deleted account]

I think it would be sad to stay the same age forever. There are so many things to experience. When we are kids, we can't wait to be teens. When we are teens, we can't wait for our twenties. When we reach our twenties and enter the "real world" we want the carefree days of childhood back! Just enjoy your current age and all the things that come with it. You might miss something great if you are always looking back or ahead.

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