photography tips and ideas

This community is for everyone and anyone to give great ideas as far as can imagine! Come take, give, and talk about ideas you have! You don’t always have to go and get your photos taken, do them at home where it is the most natural while having fun with it!! Hope to hear about and see your next great photo!


My blog

Hi! I am new to this group! I made photography and blogging my hobby this year. It is challenging to keep up with it all. I would love for you to stop by



New member here. Just wanted to say hi to all you awesome mamas :)


New to this Group

Hey everyone i am new :) My name is donna cole and i am a photographer, mommy, and hoping soon i will be selling stuff i sew together lol... My facebook site for my...


Free online Photo editor

Does anyone know good photo editing website? I already have Picnik and BeFunky. I have tried Gimp and Lunic and I do not like either.


New to group

Hello everyone! I am still trying to figure out this whole thing. :) I am Malania, a stay at home mom to 5. Ages- 9, 6, 5, 4, and 21 months; 4 boys and a girl. We live in...


need advise on cameras

hi all i love takin pics of all my family and my 16 month daughter but my camera really isnt great, i want 2 get a half decent 1 for as cheap as poss, any1 got any advise on...


A blog of photography

Hi everyone. I have been working on my blog 'The Motherhood Truth' since Jacob was born, and would love it if you would take a look and possibly join in. It is a fun and...


Got a new camera

My husband bought me a new camera for Xmas. I am so excited..will definitly be entering the contest =)