Just bought two books

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I already started Barbara Coloroso's "Kids are worth it!" and I'm waiting on an order for Alfie Kohn's, "Unconditional Parenting". Anyone else read them?

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Karen - posted on 09/07/2010




Yup, have read Unconditional Parenting and love it. I refer to it quite often when parents are telling me to do time outs/spank etc. It has come in really handy to get family to understand why we do certain things with our daughter.

Riana - posted on 09/06/2010




Happy reading Dana! Hope you will write and essay afterwards to sumurise it all and save us from having to read it ;-)

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I read Barbara Coloroso when I was in my teens. I grew up listening to her tapes of her lectures because my mom was a HUGE fan of hers.
She has great ideas, philosophies and strategies for everyone in a family.
I have not heard of the other book, but I will add it to my growing "to borrow or buy" list of books.

[deleted account]

So far I'm loving "Kids are worth it!"......granted I'm only 3 chapters in but it's totally making sense to me. It's helping me recognize what type of parent I am and where my faults might be. Can't change if we don't see the problem, right?!

Nikki - posted on 09/05/2010




No but let me know what they are like, I have never read a parenting book, am interested to hear if you like them. I am off to buy that no cry sleep solution today, so I will be busy reading myself! Hopefully I can get it in Australia!

Sally - posted on 09/05/2010




Yep. Both my Favs. Alfie is a bit hard for most people to swallow. Barbara Coloroso is great. Lots of practical advice. I tend to agree with her on most things although I have a few parts where I disagree 100%. I think you will like Kids Are Worth It better than Unconditional. Happy Reading. If your weather is like ours, then it is a good book day. :)

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