4 year old girl refuses to wipe herself

Stephanie - posted on 07/28/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 4 year old daughter is potty trained with the exception of wiping herself. A while back (6 - 9 months) she was wiping herself and then for whatever reason she stopped. I just went with it not making a big deal figuring after a couple of weeks she would go back to doing it. Well that was not the case. I have tried reward charts; I make her wait for me to wipe her in hopes that she will get tired of waiting and figure that she will decide that it is quicker for her to do it herself; she was really excited to start preschool this fall and I told her that she needed to learn to wipe herself in order to go to school but nothing has worked. She has no interest in it and tells me that she will do it when she is 5. Any ideas, suggestions or anyone had this similiar problem?

Thanks in advance!


Sara - posted on 07/29/2010




I work for a preschool and we have a 4 year old girl that refuses to wipe after bm's and we just have to tell her if she's going to act like a baby we are going to put her in the toddlers room where the kids have diapers and get wiped up. She doesn't like to hear that so she's finally started doing it herself, after about 2 weeks. she would tell us that her mom and dad wipe for her at home and we just have to remind her that we are not her parents. I understand as a parent it's hard but you can try to explain to her that if she doesn't wipe for herself she's going to have to be in with smaller children who can't clean their own bottoms and wipe for themselves. I hope this helps!

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