Almost 4 and he refuses to poop in the potty!

Misty - posted on 02/20/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My youngest will be 4 next week. He's been doing really well staying dry and peeing in the potty but when it comes time to go #2, he'll hide somewhere and go in his pants! He knows when he has to go and he knows it's wrong but it's almost as if he doesn't care. He demands that we change him as soon as he's done so I know he knows. We've tried everything and I'm beginning to worry if he'll be potty trained anytime soon. I've bought all the potties, the child seat for the toilet and no results. Anyone else with the same experience or advice?? It would be GREATLY appreciated...

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Melissa - posted on 02/21/2009




I have twins who will be 4 in sept. Boy/girl. My son started training first and was really doing well with going pee and my daughter just wasn't doing anything. My son suddenly stopped going and within a week or so my daughter was done with no real effort on my part. My son started doing it again finally but only pee even though he got rewarded at daycare for going (1 or 2 m&ms). Finally one of the teachers at daycare had an idea. My kids are usually one of the first to get there in the morning and my son loves to pick out the movie they watch while waiting for the other kids. So the teacher told him that until he started pooping on the potty he didn't get to pick out or watch any movies. He was done within a week. I know it seems wrong to in a way "punish" them for not doing it but we had tried everything else and he knew what and how to do it was just refusing. Just an idea.

Toni - posted on 02/21/2009




Hey, I have a nephew that was the same as your son, although he wouldn't pee in the potty either. Does your son go to nursery or a school? Because that was the only thing that made him want to use the toilet, because all of the other little kiddies were using the toilets he wanted to. If he isnt going to school pretend your using the potty or the toilet and see if he goes on it through jelousy that your using them. Don't know if it will help but i thought i'd say it anyways...Good Luck!!

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