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My daughter Allyson is almost three years old and she still is not willing to go potty on the potty chair all the time. She will have good days when she keeps a pull-up or panties clean almost all day. But then the next day she will wet all day long and refuse to go potty on the potty chair at all. She always goes poop on the potty chair, but pee is another thing. I think that she is just being stubborn and I really do not want to push her. I find that when I do push her she regresses and has one of those "no peeing on the potty" days. She also has a 9 1/2 month old brother and I find that she acts like a baby when she is really wanting attention from mom and dad, I really do try to be mindful of that. Any advice?


Jill - posted on 01/21/2009




Hi Jill,

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My first thought is that she may be regressing due to the new baby.  Or she may not have been ready and still may not be.  Every child is different.


A great book on Potty Training is put out by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It talks about every aspect of potty training and many different issues.


The most important thing I have learned is that your child has to be ready.  There is a list of "signs of readiness" that include: if your child is curious about the bathroom or going potty, when they remain dry for a few hours, when their bowel movements become consistent, when they are aware they are about to go to the bathroom etc...  They also need to be "ready on many levels".  Physically (developed to be able to control their bladders and bowels, Emotionally (motivated and willing), Cognitively (understanding what is going on and making the connection between the feeling that they have to go and being able to get to the bathroom.


Potty training is one of the first times a child does something for themselves.  If it is a positive experience, they will feel good about themselves.  So you both have to be ready and make this a team effort and a fun and positive experience. (lots of praise and rewards)  Remember to be consistent  in your methods and if you find one thing doesn't work, try something else or take a break from potty training until he is ready.


If it is motivation she needs,Try going to and go to the Just for Tots page.  There she can meet the Potty Tots and play with them.  If she likes them, he may want to try the Potty Tots program (a kit with a story book, animated DVD with music videos, an illustrated step by  step potty chart-to show him what to do and a reward/progress chart called the Toilet Bowl--fashioned after the super Bowl--so she can keep tack of her progress) 


Let me know if I can be of any further help! Good Luck!

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