any suggestions for potty training


Kellie - posted on 01/23/2009




Just switch to big boy/girl pants.  Tell your little one he's a big boy now and have him throw all his diapers away.  Push fluids and spend every second with him for 3-4 days.  Whenever she pees say "that's yucky, you should tell mommy when you have to go potty" and put her on the potty.  Keep doing this over and over.  At some point during the first couple days it will click.  Plan for a messy few days and have lots of undies.  You can try putting him in undies at nap and bedtime too.  Try to quit fluids an hour before nap time and 2-2 1/2 hrs before bedtime.  Before bed or nap say it's time to go potty.  If he/she goes, great!  If not better luck next time.  Plan to do a lot of laundry.  I got some waterproof pads to put on top of the sheets to cut down on laundry.  This works for pee and poop but they get the pee part first.  Make sure to have a sticker chart for when they go and some yummy treats.  Make a really big deal the first time he/she goes in the potty.  Have some books about using the potty and if possible Elmo's Potty movie.  Ever couple minutes say, "tell mommy if you have to go potty or do you have to go potty."  The first day royally sucks but once it clicks it gets fun.  Make sure you have nothing going on for 3-4 days and if you have younger kids or other kids that will distract you send them somewhere.  Your little one will need your full attention.  If he/she is consistently waking up wet overnight you can switch to pull ups for a couple weeks and try again.  I would at least try though.  Don't forget to have a bottle of wine to celebrate on the 4th day.

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