Any tips for bedtime training?

Ciara - posted on 05/25/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




So my almost 3 year old Daughter can go to the potty alone without too many issues, it's the night time that she needs to conquer. I put pull ups on her at night, and she has a plastic mattress protector but she still sometimes will pee in the middle of the night in the pull up, and not wake up, or she takes the pull up off and pees in the bed and wakes up. Pull ups are getting expensive and so is all the plies of blankets and sheets going in the washer daily. I stop giving her drinks about an hour before bedtime. Anyone master this one yet, or is it another one of those in due time things?? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Heather - posted on 05/26/2010




That might be your problem, if you stop giving her something to drink an hour before she goes to bed she doesnt have enough time to get it out while she is awake. I had the same problem with my oldest when she first started potty training. I would cut her off at dinner i would let her drink all that she wanted after she ate all of her food. I would not give her anything but 2 or 3 little sips if she said that she was thirsty after that. I would also set an alarm for about every 2 or 3 hours after she went to sleep because if you wake her up to go to the bathroom she will get into her own little routine. I always made sure that she was awake and made her walk while holding her hand because if you just carry her she will stay almost all of the way to sleep. After she gets uses to waking up and going the drinking part will be no problem. My daughter now can drink a whole galss of water and hold it until the morning or if she really has to go she will go by herself becasue there is a tinker bell night light path to the bathroom that she loves. hope this helps. this is only by my experience and all kids are different you just have to find her correct routine.

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