Any tips on how to potty train a two an a half year old boy?

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Sonya - posted on 05/22/2009




I have a two year old and sometimes I think he is ready but I might be pushing him. He sometimes screams on the potty, then there are times he just sits there and talk. Plus he is holding his urine. I stopped and is waiting to see if he wants to go on his own. He does tell us when he has gone in his diaper and needs a change. I am hoping for the best. Good luck to all of us

Tracy - posted on 05/21/2009




I understand your frustration! I have a son but who's three and a half and are only now having success with potty training. He never had any interest. The best thing you can do it wait, it sucks but I found it to be true, eventually they do come around and will do it. Just seems to have to be on THEIR time lol Even though he still wasn't going regularly the thing that really helped was putting him in underwear ALL the time, we had TONS of accidents at first (you need about 15-20 pairs) and he hated the feeling of having wet peed in pants. Daycare encouraged me and also said to make him get himself undressed and redressed by himself as eventually he wont want to do it all the time and will start to go in the potty/toilet. Poop accidents still happened for about a week after pee accidents had stopped but stuck with the same routine and we are now 6 days accident free! Have patience and good luck!

Haley - posted on 05/19/2009




One of the best tips I have been given on potty training boys is, wait til they are ready. They will give you signs, like at bath time they may talk about the potty and want to then sit on it....go from there. But until they are three, I have always been told to not force the issue, unless they bring it up. I have a two and half year old little myself right now and he is showing little to no interest at all. Mostly at bath time he likes to sit on the potty...which is a start. I do have an almost six year old little boy that I did this same thing with, and he was completely potty trained at 3 years and 3 months old. I hope this helps:)

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