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My almost 3 yr old son won't potty train, he likes the attention. He wants attention so much no matter what I do how much one on one time he gets he wants me to dress him completely and not even trying to do it himself. He will potty for daddy sometimes but never for me. I have tried treats when he does it right, I have tried fruit loops and cheerios in the toilet to make it a game. I have tried the sticker chart, I have tried taking pull ups away completely, I have tried the running naked thing he just pees all over the house. I have tried everything I have read, and I know he is ready he just doesn't want to he likes the attention! The attention is the only reason he doesn't want to potty train. Daddy only gets him to do it because daddy is boss. He won't even attempt to potty for me, my 21 month old daughter will potty every chance she gets. For me for daddy for grama for anyone she will potty. I don't know what to do if my 1 almost 2 year old girl can do it and my 4 yr old boy did it with out any fight but he won't even try! WHAT DO I DO?!

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Christine - posted on 11/11/2010




Honestly.. physically he may be ready.. but maybe mentally he's not.. if he's still more interested in the attention or what not.. I'd say he's probably not ready for that.

Often kids who are 2 -4 year age range.. go through a phase of.. "I'm not a baby anymore.. I'm a Big girl or big boy.".. when they do that.. that is a great tool to get them to do big girl and big boy stuff.. like using the potty..

My daughter went through I'm a big girl phase when she was 2 1/2.. and that's also when she potty trained.. and was constantly showing us her pee and poop so we'd praise her and tell her what a big girl she was.

Boys generally potty train later than girls.. so it's pretty normal for your daughter to be potty training faster and younger than your son..

but go with that..

maybe as he gets a few months older.. seeing his baby sister in underwear... can help you. .. for example.. your sister is going to have a playdate.. and when he wants one.. remind him.. he's still a baby since he's wearing diapers.. and babies don't get playdates..

it may sound weird.. but the thing is.. kids want what other kids are getting.. and if one is a big kid..and gets big kid privelages and big kid things.. often that can be the catalyst to get them to want to change and be a big kid too.. and use the potty or give up bottles or what not.

Part of the issue is too.. if you think he's attention seeking.. it coudl be maybe he feels he's not getting enough attention.. maybe he feels his sister gets more attention.. so he's striving for negative attention.. that's a possibility too..

but either way.. reminding him of what big kids get to do and the things they get to play with.. may be away to inspire him to want to be a big boy too.. especially if his little sister is already potty training nad getting big girl priverlages..

just a thought.

Kouther - posted on 11/11/2010




i start the potty train with my 3 yr old son when he was 2 1/2, and he loved to go and pee but not to BM, and then summer came and we went for 2 months vacation out of states and he totally refused to even go to bathroom, (i tried the talking potty but he never liked it so i used the bathroom). so after i came back he was 3 year old and refusing it. A lot of moms told me its becuse u started late with him and so much more excuses. so i tries agian with him as soon as we got back home. i took the pull ups off during the day, and i start to take him to bathroom every hour or so and sit with him for half an hour just to make him to go, and some moms told me to pure some warm water it will help him to pee but that didnt help. nothing helped i was so mad so angry and got so frausturated. even somedays i was like i give up and i dont want to try with him anymore. but as soon as i see his pull ups are wet i got mad agian. so i start it agian with him and i bought him his favorite charactors on the tolldress boxers, and i told him that u will be mad if ur cute boxer gets wet or dirty right? and he said yess and he did BM on it twice and each time i told him that go get a bag and put ur boxer in the bag and through it in the trash becuse it is so dirty and u did not did a good job. so he go and throught it in the trash and each time he said i will not do it agian. So i used another way with him, and he peed twice on him self and i was so calm and told him taht it was oky but dont do it again, and he respont positive to me, next day he woke up and told me momy i have to pee now, and since then he dose do a drop or two of pee in him self but he finish it in the toilet and he used to hold his BM every 4 to 5 days to do it, and he used to do it somewhere way far from me so i dont see him. but like after all the talk and showing him how smelly and how bad it is, but now he is not telling me each time but if i see him in the posotion he wants to do the BM he has no problem to go to bathroom and do it.
and u know i tried to do it like a game, each time he poops he count them( i know its discusting but it worked) so he count how many they are in the toilet and he waits for the next BM to count them agian and see when did he did the most poops ever.
all u need to do is to be calm and you dont need to be so frustrated ith it. good luck

CARRIE(SHELLIE) M. - posted on 11/10/2010




same; comment Sara Cooley!!

Audrey - posted on 11/09/2010




Some kids are stubborn, plus they like the attention that they get. The key thing is consistency, find a method that works best and stick with it. I too tried a number of different ways to get my daughter on the potty, until I realized that the best way was the "open door" approach. When she saw me using the toilet, she got the idea that's what she had to do. It took a while but now she uses the potty or toilet by herself.

[deleted account]

Does he still poop on himself or in the potty? The reason I ask is that my son did not like the feeling and when I learned the pattern of his "call of nature" I had him sit on the pot until he went. My little guy had issues with bowel movements, but he got this one down first before peeing. It sounds like daddy may have to take charge. Kinda like "this is what the big boys do". My hubby did this and we even bought the kiddie underoos (Thomas) which was an added incentive. Hope this helps some.

Merri - posted on 11/08/2010




I have to say I am in the same boat. I have a 3 year old son who will only go on the potty right before tubby time. Thats it. He wont even attempt it the rest of the day.I have tried all of the above as well. Nothing has worked. Good luck..just wanted to say I feel your pain on this one

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