Clueless! How do I go about this?

Jenni - posted on 10/27/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 27 month old boy and we introduced the potty when he was around 22 months. I never pushed it, I told him what it was for and asked him to try to pee in it and he did. Now he loves going pee on it especially since his half-sister has been trained and he sees her using it. He knows how to pull down his pants and take his diaper off. He goes back and forth between the "big potty" and the "little potty". He'll pee a little in one and exclaim "I did it!" or "it come out!" and then say: "I go little potty" and run to that one and do a little more in there and then back and forth. So the enthusiasm is there. So here are the problems: he is still really wet throughout the day. After naps and at nighttime.
he has only told me a handful of times when he "has to go". Which I think he always has to go :\ He just wants to play with the potty not that he is identifying the urge. Tonight he just told me he pooed and he wanted to use the potty but he had already gone in his diaper (but at least it's a good sign). He's also been telling me lately "I really wet" and wanting his diaper changed.
I am talking to him more and more about the potty and he does seem more interested in it lately. I let him come in the bathroom with me when I have to go, same with his dad, he sees his sister use it when she's here every other weekend. I have started leaving the bathroom door open (but he always closes it!) in hopes if he sees the potty he'll want to use it. So what else can I do to encourage it? Or what's my next steps? I'm also curious about why he is still sooooo wet during the day. My SD started staying dry for 2 hours at time at his age! Probably because he's a boy. When did your sons start staying more dry during the day? Does it mean he's not ready to be fully trained or use pull ups?


Danielle - posted on 01/20/2011




My 2 1/2 yr old son is in pull-ups and he is right about at the same stage as yours. I'm thinking it's half and half. That yes he is enjoying playing with the potty but I also think it's a sign that he is learning the urges. He still is pretty wet during the day but he's getting there. also every couple of days I put him in "big boy" pants with the cars characters on him to encourage him. He's a huge fan of cars and thinks it's cool to wear them but he sure doesn't like the feeling when he wets them. It's a mess but it helps a little. He's also told me he wants Thomas pants too. I told him when he starts going to the potty all the time we will get them for him so he also has a goal now. It seems to be a slow process but those steps seem to help. He's getting there. And maybe if you put him in the pull ups and show him how to take them off and pull them up You might be surprised to find him in there when he does feel the urge. He obviously knows what the potty is for so thats good.

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