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Susan - posted on 04/20/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




We introduced the potty to our daughter around Christmas time and have been using the potty daily for the past month, shes done a fantastic job. Our problem is she tells me she has to go potty all the time since we celebrate and do a "potty dance" and give her lots of compliments when she really goes, but 40% of the time she doesnt go potty! I end up spending most of the day in the bathroom just because she wants to celebrate going potty when she really doesnt have to go. Any ideas on solving this. I dont want to punish her for pretending since she has been doing so well, I want to keep potty time fun and positive!

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Heather - posted on 04/21/2009




i dont have too much advice, i just wanted to give you props on working on it so much.. i introduced it to my daughter at christmas time with a potty chair and she thought it was a toy so we waited two months, then we got her the seat that goes on the big girl seat and she likes that better but has never gone, so sometimes i slack. So i just wanted to say youre doing great!

Nichole - posted on 04/21/2009




My daughter just turned 2 yesterday and is also VERY excited about using her potty. Around 20 months she was doing the same, wanting to go potty ALL day, and was actually only going 4 times a day. I praised her the same everytime, although i think i may have shown a little more excitement when she really went. Everytime pee or no pee i'd kiss her and have her give me a high five, she'd get down and help flush the toilet. I'd have her go out and tell her father that she peed on the potty, she would run out dancing and clapping telling daddy that she peed, and he would praise her as well everytime. With in this last month she has calmed down and started going more when she really needs to, we put her potty in the living room and my daughter has learned on her own to take off her diaper and go when she really needs to. We just started putting big girl panties on her and she's been doing great! i would say just let her figure it out on her own, eventually she's going to get sick of going to the potty :) Good luck!!!

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