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My son is almost 4 and has aboslutely NO interest in going on the potty. I have tried EVERYTHING that I can think of. He wanted a kitty, so I said well if you can go on the 'pot' ALL the time, I will get you a kitty. Wouldn't you know it, he went on it everyday!...until the kitty arrived, when he decided he didnt need to use the pot anymore. Hasn't had interest in touching it since. Every 20 minutes we go try, and if I bring him in there he will pee sometimes, but 'number 2'? NO WAY! He does it at my mothers house though, but not home or daycare. I know he knows when he has to go, like I said, he goes on his own on the pot at my mothers, but anywhere else its like he has no idea he's just soiled his diaper. I know this sounds horrible to say, but could it be that he is just...I hate to say it....lazy? I don't know what else it could be.


Joan - posted on 12/24/2008




I have to say it sounds like my younger son...he knows how to use the toilet, just refuses to use it when you are there. I decided that having him wear diapers or pullups at that point was not teaching him anything (he didn't care if he was wet or even dirty), so I finally resorted to having him go without any pants/diaper so he had no choice but to use the toilet. When he had nothing on, he would run for the toilet. One thing he was doing was waiting too long, then it was just too late to get things off in time to use the toilet. After quite a while of being naked and having success with using the toilet, I tried him with underwear only, but did this only when he seemed excited about wearing it (and being a 'big boy'). Then when that was going OK, I put pants on him that have elastic waist so he can easily pull them down himself. My older son potty trained kind of late (3 1/2) but he trained quickly. This one is taking his sweet old time, and I sometimes feel like I am losing my mind when we have setbacks. Be patient. Eventually he'll get it.

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