Hello i need some tips on potty training my 2 almost 2 1/2 year old daughter please!!

Jessie - posted on 11/24/2008 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello i have a little girl who is almost two in a half and she is still not potty trained. she was almost full potty trained by 1 1/2 (and no i didnt force it on her she just wanted to) but she fell ill for a few weeks and stopped using the potty all together. she seldom uses the potty now but i asked her daycare recently if she goes there and they told me that she goes to the potty all the time there and i have done anything that i can think of i've done a sticker book where she gets a sticker every time so goes potty, i've clapped and been really excited and even told her what a good girl she was for going on the potty, ive tried pull ups but they didnt work ,i've also given her big girl underwear but for some reason she rarley goes to the potty at home like i would ask her if she has to go and she says no then about 5 minutes later she pees on the floor when she wears her big girl underwear can someone please give me some advice on what i can do. thanks a ton


Skye - posted on 11/25/2008




You really can't make her be into it. Just make sure the potty is always there if she decides to go-mention it now and then-but don't nag her about it. When my dd was potty training, she wouldn't decide to do it until I let it alone and dropped the subject (she is stubborn to this day;). I let my son decorate his potty with stickers-every time he went he got to put another sticker on the potty. There is always books/movies. We have the movies "Potty Power" and "Potty time with Bear in the Big Blue House". They are both totally ridiculous of coarse, but my son likes them;) Good luck!

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