HELP... Im New To The Potty Training Business

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Okay So my 21 month son is showing signs that he's to be potty trained. What should be my first steps?


Heidi - posted on 05/14/2011




my som a month old he been startting to potty train a little he will pee on the potty . he see his sister go potty he try to go when i go to. or if dad gos he want to go to. i not got him to poop on the potty yet. he will when he is ready

Tiffany - posted on 05/09/2011




I've potty trained three girls, never a boy, but this is what I did and all my children were pretty much potty trained by 3 years. I got a little potty and started introducing it at around 1 1/2 years old just to get her used to what it is for. Potty training completely is nothing done over night. When she realized what the potty was for I started potty training with pull-ups during the day diapers at night. If yo see he seems to wet the pull-ups alot try underwear instead of pull-ups there expensive. When you leave the house use pull-ups. Just stick with he will catch on. It may be awhile before he poops in the potty so don't let that worry you. I always give candy or something when she peed or pooped. That helped as well. Hope this helps.

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