Help my son likes to play with his poop!!!

Kim - posted on 03/03/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 2 1/2 yr old son poos in his diaper and then starts painting his carpet and walls in his bedroom with it... He always seems to do it when he is down for a nap (or supposed to be) or when I put him to bed.. He very seldom will go on the potty but I do try to get him on there as much as I can, most of the time he wont stay on the potty though and just wants to play.... has anyone else had and issue with their kids finding there poop fun to play with?? and any tips on how to stop it?? also any tips on getting him to go on the potty??

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I've walked into my sons room a couple times with everything covered in poop. It's funny until you have to clean it up. My son did this when he was a year old though and he slept in his diaper. After that had happened we just put pants on him and he just left it alone. Until lately, we've been putting him in footed zip up jammies and I've noticed that if they don't have a snap at the top where the zipper is, he will unzip them and take them off.

Getting him to go on the potty... I'd have him sit on the regular toilet with one of those little kid toilet seats so maybe he won't get off of it. But then my boy is 18 months and a 2 1/2 year old probably knows how to get off of it. lol Maybe try putting pants and shoes on him during the day and while he's sitting on the toilet leave them on him around his ankles. He might find it hard to get off of it and won't try it.

Anytime he poops I would write it down and track it over a few days and if you see that he's consistant with his poop schedule then you might know when exacly to put him on the toilet to poop. I've also set a timer and every time it went off I would set him on the toilet. At first I was setting the timer about every 10-15 minutes just so I could catch him going and once he goes in the toilet set the timer for a little longer. If he doesn't go in the potty for a second time and his pants are wet then set the timer for a little less time but if they're dry set the timer for a little longer. If he goes in the toilet he gets to flush it and we clap our hands and say YAY! My son loves to flush the toilet. lol

Sara - posted on 03/03/2010




First of all, I helped take care of my niece and nephew while my nephew was potty training. He would not go to the potty and poop in his pants and smear it all over the walls. I was so upset at first. Then I got a bucket of soap and water and made him help me clean it up. *he was 2 1/2 ** and after a few times of having to clean him up daily when he'd do this he would also get put in the bath to make sure it wasn't going to get him sick by touching his eyes or anything else with other body parts. It took about a week of him having to help me clean every few days when he would do it but he finally stopped and went on the potty.

I've started potty training my 25month old daughter and I take her every 30min or so and that usually helps getting her going and used to the potty. I didn't go out and buy a potty seat but got one of those seats that sit on top of the big toilet to help keep her up. It also helps her kind of forget that she's sitting on the potty because she keeps asking about the characters on the seat so we talk about who is on the seat. Hopes this helps and good luck!!!

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