Help -needs tips on potty training

Samantha - posted on 03/21/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 14 month boy and we started potty training him--beginning with changing just #2 diapers on the bathroom floor and letting him flush the #2 down the toilet..well after a week everytime he already went potty in the diaper he'd run to the bathroom door and bang on and i'd change his diaper(i thought this was great) and then he started to do the same thing for #1 (even better) well since then he stopped doing it completely--any tips on how to get him back into wanting to use the potty?

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Jennifer - posted on 03/21/2009




My daughter wanted to go to preschool so badly that the only way she could go was if she went on the "big girl potty", that was all the incentitive we needed for her, my third child has been the most difficult being a boy and not wanting to do this. We gave him underwear a year ago, he didn't show much interest in this, but about 6 months ago, we tried again, only this time rewarding him with fruit snacks everytime he went, this worked for a while, he turned 3 in February and about a week after his birthday it must have clicked, because other than naps and bed time, he is fully potty trained, he goes running and comes back yelling "I go potty!" We don't have a little potty chair and have never used pull ups (I feel they are just like a diaper only more expensive), everytime they make any effort make a big issue over it (mine like the added attention and screaming!) Don't push to hard or they won't want to potty train at all, give it time and they will decide when they are ready. Good luck!

Martha - posted on 03/21/2009




My son is 2 27 months old and he hates the potty and only likes the toilet, but I have the same problem he goes sometimes on the toilet and the other times he goes in his pull ups...He hates when there is pew in his pullup he tells me mommy pee pee hhahaha...It just takes time I care for many children over the years and there all different..One thing I tryed was putting there favorite toy on the potty and pretend he pies in the potty put water in the cup and poor it in like he did,that worked for me for one of the boy I babysat...Good luck My group is called I am a proud mom if you would like to join it has a picture of a child on it...thanks

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