How did you get your child to tell you when they need to go potty?

Sarah - posted on 10/30/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Were wondering how to get our son to tell us when he needs to go potty, at the moment he just goes, could you help?

Our story below:

My husband and I have started potty training our 23month old son.

I am disabled, my husband does most physical work, i do a lot of teaching and things due to mobility problems.

We are going with the no pants no nappy method. We have been doing this for around 3-4 days so far. He seems to keep having accidents, if we put pants on he goes almost straight away in the pants thinking they are nappies.

He has been doing well at times and has used the potty quite a few times.

Were wondering what has worked for you or what tips you have to reduce the accidents and increase the potty using.

We appreciate all help.

-Sarah x

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Erica - posted on 11/15/2011




I kept asking my son every 30 minutes at first. Then I would increase the time to 45 minutes to an hour until he got used to going to the bathroom and "the feeling" he would get when he needed to use the toilet. It helped hat we got a programmable Potty Time from Huggies/Pull Ups. He liked that a lot and it got him excited to use the potty.

Rebecca - posted on 10/31/2011




It takes time. We tired for a long to potty train our five year old. but one day he came home from school n started going. every child is different. even before he started school we would let him wear underwear n he went a couple times he still has problems making it to the bathroom to go number 2. but slowly we are working on that too. now here soon we have to start potty training our three year this should be fun. wishing you the best

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