How do I transition my son from naked potty training to underwear?

Alyssa - posted on 06/04/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is two and a half and will use his potty successfully when he is naked from the waist down. Whenever I put cloth training pants on him or pull-ups, he'll just revert back to going potty in them. How do I transition him from being naked to wearing underwear or training pants? I obviously can't let him run around naked in public. :) Thanks for any help!


Sacha - posted on 06/08/2011




I am in the same boat... my son is doing amazing with potty training as long as he has nothing on but a t-shirt... but when it comes to putting him in underwear or pull-ups he just makes a mess and forgets to go to the toilet.

As far as the advice that i have been given is to stop doing naked training and keep him in underwear or cotton diapers and then it takes longer to clean up a mess and they will not do it as often afterwards...

learning is a messy job.

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