How do I work panties into the training?

Karen - posted on 05/17/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter turned 2 in Feb. We recently discovered she is allergic to diapers/training pants because they all contain Aloe Vera. I had to force potty training to happen a little sooner than she would of liked.

We are now on day 4 of no diapers, and it is going really well. The only problem is that my daughter stays bottomless. I tried putting panties on her, but she would potty in them. She would go and sit down on the potty, but not take the panties off first. I caught her pooping on the potty with her panties on.

When she isn't wearing anything, she does so well. She never comes to tell me in advance though, she goes and uses the potty and then tells me.

She has even gotten so good about just going that she doesn't ask for a reward anymore. How do I work panties into this mix? I have seen her take her panties all the way off just once, so she is physically capable. Is there something I can say, or something I can do to teach her that panties should come off before she goes?

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Karen - posted on 05/17/2012




Thanks Michelle!

Makes me happy to hear that you did the same thing and you daughter is good with it now!

OK, so keep talking about it. I can do that.

Michelle - posted on 05/17/2012




Just keep talking to her about it, we did the bottomless for quite awhile with my daughter just let her run around the house in a long t-shirt or a dress it hid everything and that was at 2 and she is now 3 and will take the panties off to go. Take to buy a special pair of panties then tell her she doesn't want to ruin them by peeing or pooping in them so take them off or down when you have to go, or tell her she has to have a bare bum to go potty.

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