How do you potty train a one year old?????

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Hi, at 1 year old your child may be at an age to start learning about what a potty is for, and what to put in it. They may be aware of what is happening with their body and recognise when they are doing wees or poos. In my experience I have found that pushing a child into toilet training will just result in months (or years) of pressure on you and may lead to toilet time being a very stressful time for your child. Get the potty out and talk about what it is for i.e "this is where you do wees and poos, so it's not uncomfortable in your pants". Some children find it easier to go straight to a toilet and may get confused by using a potty, especially if they have older siblings who they see using it, along with mom and dad. I find that about 20 minutes after giving your child a large drink that they will be ready to go, so give them a big old drink, let them run around outside with their pants off (or sit them on the potty/toilet and read a book until it happens) and when they do a wee, tell them "you are doing a wee, that is wees coming out of your body" when they are understanding what they are doing then they are ready to learn to recognise the feeling before they do it. If your child is telling you they are doing wees, say to them "good stuff telling me, lets go to the potty so you can do your wees/poos in there instead of in your pants". Some children aren't ready to toilet train until they are 3 years old - take the cues from your child, if they are telling you what they are doing, or are taking their nappy off because they don't like the feeling of it being soiled, then it is a good time to start.

Erin - posted on 08/01/2009




What I say is don't force it, a one year old still doesn't know what they are actually doing, but I also say get the potty out whenever you are changing the nappy, my son is 18months and he now know to get the potty after the nappy comes off, and get them to sit on it, bear bum time is what we call it and we leave the nappy off for up 30 mins, especailly after a feed and just keep putting them on there if they keep geting off.

But it is a thing that takes time,

Good luck

Miangelbug - posted on 07/31/2009




I'm trying to get my 16 month old to start but it's not really working. My best advice would be to take him/her to the potty as soon as they wake up in the morning and right after naps. This is the only time I can get my son to go. He doesn't know why he's there. He's just doing what he normally does, which is pee as soon as he wakes up.

I think it all depends on the kid. Some kids get the concept quicker than others. If you want to try more than just after waking up, you can take him/her to the potty about every 30-60 minutes and just sit them on the potty. If they go, praise them like crazy but if they don't go just don't say/do anything. If you want to say something, maybe say somehting like, "maybe you'll go potty next time...". Good Luck!

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