How do you teach a little girl to wipe??

Sarah - posted on 12/03/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is doing very well with potty training, and she always wants to wipe when she pees. But when you give her the tp she just stuffs it between her legs and into the potty. I don't know how to get her to actually wipe instead of just throwing it away. She still wants help wiping when she goes #2. Is this something that I should be worry about or sould I just let it go for now?


Bri - posted on 12/05/2009




We did several things-
* I set the example letting her come to the bathroom with me (not that I really had much choice unless I wanted to lock the door!) so she watched me... as she began potty training I started putting words with the actions I was doing
* We taught her to measure tp the length of her arm- gives her something tactile and visual to determine "enough"! That gives her enough to wad up and work with but not so much as to stop up the toilet. I'm sure people in public restrooms get quite a laugh when they hear her talking to herself when she goes.
* We use the mantra "front then back" to reinforce no poopy to the pee pee. Sometimes I have to remind her. And don't you dare think about not wiping both yourself- she'll remind you! LOL
* If she has a gooey, then she usually bends over and announces "wipe me"... otherwise she does ok although I try to check
* I use the cue words "clean and dry" as we talked about not just doing a swish-by!
* I have now started working with her on getting "in the nooks and crannies" to help her understand that she needs to wipe in the creases.
* daddy got in trouble about 2 weeks ago- he's been sitting also to set the example, but he didn't wipe when he got up and she quickly reminded him "you forgot to wipe daddy" TOOO Funny

Good luck!

Rose - posted on 12/05/2009




I know it sounds weird but my daughter learned from me. everytime i would go to the bathroom she would follow me she watched me wipe so many times that she thinks she has to even if she has a diaper on its funny. i usually wait till she is off the toilet than give her 2 squares she usually does it her self even if she doesn't go she still tries to wipe. She hasn't gone #2 yet still in the works but i would prolly do it myself till her arms are long enough to reach back their and till she knows what she is doing to avoid infections. I hope this helps.

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Melissa - posted on 12/05/2009




maybe hold the paper in her hand and wipe with her? she might get upset at you for doing it that way but after a few times maybe she'll get it. My daughter wiped after pee right away. she still doesn't wipe after poo. Probably because I won't let her because I'm aftaid of her not doing it well enough and making a mess.

Havenjones - posted on 12/03/2009




When my daughter stands up I just gave her a small amount of TP and she knew what to do. Try waiting untill she is standing to have her wipe. And since they need to wipe from front to back for poo's, thier little arms just can't reach around back. My girl just bends over, sticks her bum in the air, and this makes it much easier for me to clean up! lol

Happy Wipe's, Haven

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