I am at wit's END! I have tried IT ALL!! Help please!!!

Amanda - posted on 07/14/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2 1/2, she will be 3 in January. We have been trying to potty train for awhile and each time has been a failed attempt. For awhile, she was absolutely terrified of using any kind of potty, including a grown up one and the pink frog one that sits on the floor, so we laid off for a few months and have recently started trying again. I have tried it all... My daughter is the most stubborn child I have ever met!! We have tried the whole treat bag thing, the sticker system, telling her it's a "big girl thing to do", bribing... Everything. So for the past few days, we have just decided to let her go without a diaper from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed. But guess what? SHE WILL NOT GO! She literally holds it ALL DAY until we put a diaper on her at bedtime and then she fills it up in 30 minutes! I am so frustrated with this process and I honestly do not know WHAT ELSE TO DO! I take her to the potty every hour on the hour and she will sit there for hours on end and will not use the bathroom, but as soon as she gets a diaper back on, she lets it all loose! PLEASE HELP!!


April - posted on 08/27/2011




My son did the same thing at that age. He had the bladder control part down, but still wasn't ready to potty train. I'd suggest that maybe your daughter isn't either. Give her some more time, and she'll get to it when she's ready. My son decided at 3 years 2 months at 4am that he was too big for diapers, and wouldn't go back to bed until I put underwear on him. Moral of the story, she'll let you know when she's ready and there's nothing you can do to make her be ready sooner.

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Danuel - posted on 08/22/2011




Hello dear, Both my son 4 and daughter 9 were potty trained by age two to be honest I did the old school approach sit the pot in front of the tv and made them sit until they used the potty and then you could get up a few hours later same thing again. I usually put the tv on one of their favorite shows or your baby can read. She is not going to want to sit, but you have to put your foot down or before you know it your child will be 4 still in pull ups honey :), Also try putting big girl undies on her thru out the day she will not like the feeling she gets when she goes on herself in them and will run to the pot. Hope this helps.

Nicole - posted on 08/10/2011




My daughter does the exact same thing. right now we are going on almost 2hrs of no peeing. Ive been giving her juice all day long too. I konw she needs to go. Is it bad for them to hold it in all day??

Desiree - posted on 08/02/2011




Oh my I feel as if we are the same person. just yesterday my lil girl got angry with me because she peed down her leg after repeated attempts to get her on the potty.... I have tried it all as well. I even took the summer off of school to get the job done so to speak and let me tell ya I feel like a complete failure. :( Just so frustrated.

Candi - posted on 07/27/2011




I also know the feeling, my daughter is also 2 1/2 and we just got her to actually use the potty. I hated letting her go with out a diaper because I hate cleaning up pee and poop off my floor so I gave up and just kept using diapers. I would try every day to see if she needed or wanted to use the potty then all of a sudden (Tues 7-26-11) she didnt have a diaper on since her father left for work at 6pm and we ate dinner and she wanted to get down and I asked her if she had to pee and she told me yes and she went in the bathroom all by her self and went in the potty and she was all excited and we celebrated. All I did was let her go with out a diaper sometimes, at bath time we'd ask her if she had to go, when I went she'd come in and sit on her potty and never went until just the other day. As frustrating as it is you cant force them to use the potty and you cant show them how frustrating its getting to you because it makes it more scary and stressful for them. You can try everything out there all the dvds, toys, books and dolls but its not going to work unless your child is ready on her own to do it. We do the sticker chart and it NOW works for her but didnt in the past. And now where she has used the potty on her own and goes when she needs to if she pees on the floor she loses one of her toys :(, I hate doing it but it works and i go for her favorite ones first. I also let her go in the bathroom by her self and I think that really helps them because it gives them the privacy they need/want. My daughter went poop on the toilet last night and it was like she was a big girl already and has been for a while because she closed the door and did her business :) we celebrated again. Celebrating with them and showing them how happy you are that they did pee/poop in the potty helps them want to do it more, jump up and down with them, congratulate them, praise them, give them a prize/sticker/goodie what ever but showing them that you are proud of them encourages them more and more to use the potty every time they need to go. But DONT force it on them or get mad at them if they have accidents. I dont ge mad at my daughter for having accidents I simply tell her its ok but next time you need to go in the potty and until then you are going to lose this toy and you can have it back once you use the potty again. Good Luck, her/their time will come ever child is different.

Crystal - posted on 07/27/2011




It took forever for my daughter to want to do this, but here is how it started working. I took her to the store one day and we were in the row with the toddler undies. She pointed them out, I picked up the ones I knew she liked, Dora and Princesses. I took them home and just let her play with them for a few days. Start to let them pick out their clothes because it makes them feel special. After a few days show them how they go on. Just like her pull ups ( pulls work wonders to this plan even though they are a bitmore expensive). I put the "big girl undies" on over her pull ups. That night I went and got her baby doll..and we sat down and played "house". I let her put her diapers on her baby, even if they werent on right at all, and I explained to her that diapers are for babies and your a big girl. Do you want to help mom change your baby( this is also a great way to get them off the sippy cup)..I let this go on a few days while she was wearing her undies. Now this sounds ridiculious, these days while she understood that diapers are for babies and she is wearing her big girl undies the rest of the kids, my significant other and I ALWAYS annouced to each other "Mom I have to go potty, Dad I have to go potty, ect." Then they would go. Everytime I would go after I annouce I have to go.. I would ask her if she would like to come with me. I go potty with her in the room and let her watch what I do, pull pants down, pull undies and pull up down and say the motion as you do it. Then every one in a while I would take her princess snap toilet seat and put it on the potty and sit on it and act like im going potty, then id just throw some toilet paper in there and say " See mom went potty, didn't I do a good job? " Next step after those few days was to slowly remove the pull ups, but a very slow rate. I let her go for a hour a night in just her big girl undies. Every night when she gets a bath.. When she is undressing I put her on the potty then before she get in the tub. They will have accidents without their pull ups on so be prepared to do lots of laundry, but soon they don't like the "yuckie" feeling anymore, and when she did pee. I would just be like oh no or uht oh what happened. Then Id ask her if she went potty in the bed/on floor and tell her you know where the big girl potty is right and how mom says she has to use it... you do that too okay? Some times she didn't but, I never forced it. Another issue some kids have and mine did was privacy, she would never g with us in the room. She would do what you said and sit there for hours playing and doing nothing. Until one day my step daughter called me so I left her on the potty and the second I left the room, I heard her go. Soon after I would make sure that she was undressing to use the potty, Id ask her "you want mom to leave you alone" and she would say yes. Now she just shuts the door on me. The hardest rule not to break in this is EVERY time no matter what time it is or where, when they say they have to go, even if they are saying it to say it, you take them to go and help them, even if it mean all day in the bathroom. This makes them not afraid of the potty and its okay becuase they are on it so much and mom does it. Also everytime they do it, make a suprise bag that has like little things from dollar general that are new or starburst, just a variety of things. Take them to the suprise bag and let them pick out one thing from it. Make the fact they went VERY over the top. Everyone clapping and giving her hugs and telling her how great and proud of her she is. Its worth a try at least!

Becky - posted on 07/19/2011




I know exactly what your going through I have tried many of times getting my 3 1/2 year old potty trained and tried all the things you did, goodies, bribing, sticker chart, and nothing.. I agree that my child too is stubborn. My daughter has delays and one of the tharipist that she sees told me not to let her go without a diaper because children can out wait us parents, and I agree, and that making them wait will cause bladder problems for them. I don't know if this is true or not. My daughter sounds like shes just like yours, we can go in the bathroom and set in there for hours, and as soon as shes up shes peeing.. Its very fusterating, but here is some tips that might help you that unfortantly didn't work for my daughter, put food coloring in her potty, when they go it makes the water change colors. Just watch the water though it stains carpet, (learned the hard way).
My daughter used to be scared to death of any potty, you couldn't even take her in the Wal-Mart bathrooms for a changing without fighting with her because of the loud flush. But now shes used to that and she will sit on her potty, she'll look at books and sing but no peeing.. I am trying to show her that the bathroom is not a playtime. I was also told that if you try to potty train and its unsuccesful for a few weeks or so just to stop and wait for awhile. Is this right? should I stop trying for awhile??? HELP!!!!!

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