I have a 2 year old daughter and I was researching training pants other than Huggies and Pampers brand. There are several brands out there. Does anyone recommend a certain brand?

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We use the huggies brand and they seem to help. The one suggestion that was made to us from the daycare was to get pullups that can still open and close on the side. We had some (maybe pampers) that don't open on the side and it makes it harder to change a toddler when their in poop in the pullup and you have to pull it all the way down their legs to get the pull up off, rather than just pulling apart the sides.

Dawn - posted on 12/20/2008




i use the cloth ones from walmart they are just like inderwear with a little extra padding to absorb now if you want to use them there are drawbacks you coiuld go through a good many a day as well they do tend to leak but they are great my 18month old loves them then i just put her in pampers for bed or if we are going out

Ericka - posted on 12/19/2008




Thanks for the responses. I have used the white cloud and she doesn't seem to mind if she is wet in them. We can get her to use the potty occasionally. I was wondering if anyone has tried the cotton versions and if those help kids feel wet better? What are the drawbacks to using cotton? I have looked at a few websites for LIttle Bean, Gerber, and a few others. Some of these are very expensive and I wanted to get an opinion of someone who has used them.

Lori - posted on 12/19/2008




I found both of them just as good. Only problem was my daughter could not use either. They gave her a rash but so did the nappies/diapers. Believe it or not I had to use store brand ones they were the only ones that did not give her a rash. My son was able to use both pampers and huggies ones.

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