I need to start potty training my Twins, but don't have a clue of how to start

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I have 20 month old twins, a boy and a girl. I think its time to start potty training them because they will take off their diapers when they have gone and they try to wipe themselves while i am changing their diapers. And they will tell me if they have gone #2 by calling it caka. They are my first kids and I have no idea how to start potty training them and all my friends kids are under 1 year, so no help there.
I don't think they know what the toilet is for but the big toilet scares them. I just don't even know where to start with them.


Shanna - posted on 08/21/2009




Well, if they can verbally tell that they have then you might could try. The Dr. told me not until they can say I need to pee or poo. But this is what has helped me this far.

#1 get a potty chair (yard sales)

#2 Buy a poster board break it down for your son and daughter and get lots of stickers

#3 everytime you go to the potty they need to go with you. For your son it will help if he can see his daddy pee.

#4 After you are done then it is their turn or even sit them on the potty. I remember that I would have a pee race with my mom when I was little

#5 If they use the potty then they get a sticker and after so many they get a special gift.

#6 NEVER refer to the potty as a toy or discipline for an accident.

#7 Nakedness is greatly appreciated during this time and helpful, Beware accidents in the floor will happen.

I hope this helps oh big girl panties and big boy underwear can be worn so that they will know when they are wet because diapers pull it away from their skin so they get less rashes.

I mentioned toy reference due to my husband calling the potty a toy when we bought it, son was same age as twins. Just able to really start he is now 3.


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