i would like to know the easiest way to potty train a 2 yearold

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Sharla - posted on 12/14/2009




The easiest way I found to potty train my daughter at age 2 was to put the potty in the living room so she could see it and sit on it fully clothed and by the afternoon she wanted to sit with nothing on the bottom half on the potty and she used it. I tried the pull ups and she acted like she had a diaper on so we got big girls and plastic pants but she didn't like the plastic pants and she ended up peeing down her leg and that was all it took. She was potty trained in one weekend no accidents at all. I hope it helps. I need help trying to potty train a 3 year old little boy any ideas

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Don't put any pressure on your child and let them tell you when they are ready. Believe it or not that's what has just happened to me. We bought our daughter her potty for her 1st Birthday. She is a week from 2 and has just decided she wants to use it now. We talked 'potty' for ages and ages - with no pressure at all, and now she is asking to wear no nappy and use the potty. So far, we've only had two 'wee' accidents and one 'poo' accident. She is still wearing a nappy sometimes too. At times throughout the day, she even asks for a nappy so she can do a wee or a poo. I tell you, I totally underestimated her ability to understand wearing a nappy, to using a potty, and then being able to interchange them. Go IVY!!!!! I guess at some stage we will stop using nappies and rely totally on the potty, but I'm in no rush. (even though I have a 4 month old in nappies too!) Good luck.

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