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I just want to say to everyone that it is hard to potty train some kids!!!! I have been on here giving advice and talking like I know, But I am now trying to train my second child and there is no miracle way. I have read everyone's posts and tried them all to no avail. My first child was so easy, just put underwear on him one day and that was it. Now this one OMG I am ready to pull my hair out. We went through 12 pairs of underwear in 7 hours, and the last couple of days he has told me "get a diaper?" What the freak????!!!! I have even gotten down to putting him on the potty every 15 min. He does not like being wet and has peed a few times but for the most part he is just like I'm not doing it so there what are you gonna do about it. So I am sorry for seeming to know what I was talking about but not really having a clue apparently.


Carol - posted on 03/29/2010




I definately don't know much....but could it be too early. Some kids just aren't ready. My son wouldn't even consider it until he was about 3 and a quarter. He just wasn't ready. Then one day...poof!!!! he started peeing on the big boy toilet. Pooping is still an issue, but we had to buy a little potty that sits on the floor and he uses it about 65% of the time to poop. He stands and pees all the time now in the big toilet.

Sara - posted on 03/22/2010




Here's something you can try I do it with my daughter 26 months old. We take her to the potty every half hour or so and have her sit on the potty whether she does anything or not. I give her lots of water and crackers to get her to potty more and to know when she needs to go potty. So far it's been working so next week we are going to up the time to every 45-60 minutes and see how it goes. Just remember every child is different and develops at their own pace. Your son will potty train when ready. Good Luck!!

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Laura - posted on 04/02/2010




well every child is different, right now my problem is that I say let's go potty, and he goes running and sits, and pees, but then, if I don't say anything he will pee anywhere.. ireally don't know what to do :P but I'm trying.. but I'm not stressing out.. I think that all these moments are enjoyable :)

Marti - posted on 03/31/2010




Every child is different. What worked for one may not work for another. Everyone told me train them early, but what worked for me was waiting until they were ready. My daughter was trained in one day. My son was another story. He didn't care if he was wet. I tried letting him run around naked, pull ups, cloth pants with rubber pants. Until he was ready, nothing worked. Don't be hard on your self. You can advise and maybe it will work and maybe it won't. Since kids don't come with instruction manuals....it is kinda trial and error! Hang in there, he won't go to college in diapers!

Misty - posted on 03/30/2010




i know for a fact that it is very hard to potty train some kids...I have got the reverse problem though...my 4year old daughter will go threw many underwear before she goes to school..but my 3year old daughter likes to be very independent and just goes to the potty on her own...I am out of things to try...4year old will only try to go potty when we say we will read her a book...other than that she won't even try to go...I wish I could help you but I haven't had to potty train boys so i am just going to wish you good luck I hope you find out how to potty train him.

Barb - posted on 03/30/2010




my grandbaby peed while wearing training panties and then played jump in the puddle! We were horrified! lol We didn't let her know it though! It's like she KNOWS, she's watched every video about it that's made, and she'll repeat back to us about how daddy goes potty, mommy goes potty, puppy goes potty, granb goes potty...well you get the idea...we've shown her when we go to peepee, but she won't do it..she's 2 yrs. 10 months and we have a 1 1/2 MONTH old! So we really need this one to be potty trained. AND NOW she's developed this thing where when she feels the need to go poo she holds back. It's Tuesday and last time she pooped was Saturday. I don't like it at all but we never push the issue so I don't know why she's started that. And she acts like it's about to hurt. She'll say My poo poo hurts!! But then when she finally goes in her diaper, while walking bolegged, she's fine. We just don't know what to do. She is one of the most stubborn children I've ever known. Her momma, my daughter, was potty trained in one day. Good to know we're not alone in this!!

Annemaree - posted on 03/30/2010




lmao its all good jamie i had the same my two girls were easy to train n now im finding it very hard to train my 2 nhalf yr old boy they are all different grrr ..

Courtney - posted on 03/30/2010




Try maybe rewarding him.. I'm using the whole piggy bank thing he gets money everytime he goes to the potty to put in his bank.. My son loves the idea of racking up his money.. Good Luck

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Don't feel bad. My daughter showed readiness signs and interest at 18 months. She's now 39 months, and today was the first day we seriously started potty training. She'd pee down her leg, laugh, and continue playing while sitting in the puddle for the longest while. I am so sick of diapers, and now I have a 3 month old too, lol. I wasn't inclined to try during pregnancy, couldn't get on the floor to clean up, and then was worried about regression. But now that she's older, I think she understands the concepts of her sticker chart more than she did. She was also scared of toilets thanks to MIL forcing her to sit on hers for hours trying to PT her. So we got her a potty chair, and put her in undeewars today and kept her on the potty as much as possible and I kept telling her it was potty break time all day. Only 3 pees and 1 #2 that I had to clean up, lol. So I plan on feeding her fiber and about an hour later(her personal timetable) she'll be sitting on the potty for a while and we'll see if we can get a #2 out of her. I wish there was a potty training boot camp we could send them to for a week, lol, where we could pay someone else to PT them. Might work better :) Good luck!

Catherine - posted on 03/29/2010




Our kids may be related.. lol. The kindergarten teacher said no kid has ever gone into kindergarten wearing a daiper, so I am holding on strong to those words.. lol.. I have to laugh or I will cry. It's not ability.. It's his headstrong attitude.

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