My 4yo still wont poo on the loo

Georgina - posted on 07/06/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Went my son was first potty trained we were on our own (me him and my daughter) and I was quiet easerly able 2 fully train him 2 both wee and poo on the potty... We then went from being on our own to moving back in with his father.. Since the move he has stopped pooing on the toilet. I figured it was just from the change and he was unsettled. But the sruggle 2 get him on the loo continued. I then found out that his father was yelling at him for pooing his undies and calling him names (like baby) So that didnt help at all. So I moved myself and the kids away from that and settled on our own again.. its now been 9 months of being on our own again and I still cant get him 2 poo on the toilet. I have tried everything. Sitting him there morning noon and night, (he just holds ittill he is in bed ready 4 sleep and I find him soiled in the morning) I have tried talking 2 him (saying mummy poo's on the toilet all the time, and,, U be a good boy 4 mummy n poo on the toilet) I have tried making him see its a big job 4 mum saying 2 him "oh poor mummy has 2 clean up all this poo. Poor mummy. If u did ur poo on the toilet Mummy would not have 2 do this". I have also tried taking him 2 the toilet with me so he can see its easy and not scary. I have bribed him with books, stickers, choclate, new toys, U name it, i bribed him with it... I'm stuck.. i dont know wat else I can do... Also.. koz He wont do it.. my daughter wont do it.. She is 2yo and I have only got her 2 do it a few times.. I think she see's her brother poo his night time nappie or undies and thinks she can 2


Lisbeth - posted on 07/06/2010




i am sorry to hear you and your son are going through this maybe you should look into getting him some therapy as it sounds like it might have traumatized him but good for you for sticking up for your child and removing him from a bad situation.

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