My 5 year old daughter has been wetting the bed at night, should i be worried?

Megan - posted on 12/20/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter has been potty trained for a good year and a half now and recently she has been wetting the bed at night. She doesn't realize she's doing it , she will wake up crying and when i go to her room and tell her to change her clothes , she gets mad at me for telling her she wet the bed. Nothing has changed in our lives and nothing medical that i can tell is going on. Should i worry about this or just wait it out?

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Julie - posted on 01/08/2012




Not to scare you but ask her about anyone touching her inappropriatly. Sometimes bed wetting in a child that has not done it before is signs of abuse. I would just sit her down and ask her if she is upset about anything first. If she says nothing is wrong then leave it alone but let her know you are there to talk to about anything. It might be just nothing but don't want to look back in six months and say what if I knew then. My best friends little girl just went through this couple years ago.

Tessa - posted on 01/05/2012




Don't stress about it at ALL!!! Its perfectly normal for kids her age to wet the bed! I know someone (who I wont name on here lol) who didn't stop wetting the bed until he was about EIGHT. There was NOTHING wrong with him, he was just a deep sleeper who had avid dreams and often just didn't realise that he needed to go to the toilet. As he got older he learnt to recognize when he needed to (When he went to the toilet in a dream, he realised he probably WAS going to the toilet lol!) Don't get mad at her or anything, if she's anything like the person I know, even at such a young age, she's probably EXTREMELY embarrassed about it. He refused to go to his friends house for sleep overs etc etc because he was too worried about wetting the bed while he was there. Don't get frustrated with her, tell her its okay, everyone has accidents etc etc. Take her to see the doctor if you like, but I imagine she's fine!

Carolyn - posted on 01/02/2012




hi. im really not sure what to say but im thinking its maybe just a phase that some kids go through. doesnt sound like any major issues are causing her to wet the bed. maybe wouldnt hurt to ask the doctor though. i know alot of children who all of a sudden have a 'bed wetting' incident that may last a little while. some are much older. hope this helps ease your mind a bit. :)

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