My son just refuses to go on the potty! Help! I've tried EVERYTHING.

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Hi all.
I have a potty training dilemma. I have been training my son, who is now almost 3 and a half for about 6 months on and off. He wears underwear and now protests diapers, but REFUSES to go on the potty. It gets to the point where even if I try to sit him on it, he swings his legs up and it's impossible to get him on there. I have tried everything from rewards to bribes to threats...EVERYTHING!!! I really don't want to put him in diapers again. I know he can do it. He is very independent, but also very stubborn. There is nothing I haven't tried. Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas please??? I am willing to try anything. I know he is ready, he shows all the signs. (He sat on the potty one already on his own, but that's it. My husband and I left him in there with the door open a crack and we were able to see what he was doing.)

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Claire - posted on 02/13/2010




Start a reward chart. My friend did it when she worked at nursery and with her niece and it worked. Make or buy a reward chart with a character or something on it that he likes, and every time he goes on the potty and does something, give him a sticker. when he's got so many stickers (you decide how many), take him out or buy him a treat but let him choose it. within reason obviously lol. if that fails maybe he's just still not ready. im about to start my 2 year old and hopefully this technique will work with him too. Good luck!

Rebecca - posted on 02/12/2010




Gotta love those head strong kiddos, right? ( :

I feel your pain, but not 6 months of pain. My 3-year-old was on board, we were doing relatively well & now she's little miss rebellion. About the only time she'll willingly sit on the potty right now is when she wants to get out of bed. Good times.

What kind of rewards have you tried? My next plan of attack is to do a chart-starting with stickers and as she does more have little (and I do mean little) goody bags. Her ultimate reward is she gets to get fish & a fish tank once she's totally in big girl panties-I'm thinking I need a picture on my fridge or in the bathroom or SOMETHING to constantly remind her.

On another note, my 4-y.o. niece is my sister's 4th & last year at this time my sister was pulling her hair out. Makkie just wanted to set her own pace & no amount of coaxing or ANYTHING could push her to go until one day she just decided. She was ready, as it sounds your little man is, but it sounds like he & Makayla could be kindred spirits. ( : Good luck to you!

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