my son wont wear underwear?????help !!!!!

Clare - posted on 05/06/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son alfie is 2 and half,ive got him using the potty for wee's ,(no poos yet) but he just wont wear under pants he jus pulls them off!!! ive also tried pull ups but he thinks they are nappies!!!! what shall i do ?? HELP!!!!

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Leila - posted on 12/21/2012




My son is exactly the same! He is two today and is potty trained, but will rip them pullups or underwear right off! I think that once they start potty training, they enjoy the freedom of not wearing anything, so when you start to put them on them, they are like screw that! I want to freeball. lol. I am going to try to put underwear on him all day and not let him "get some fresh air", until he learns that that is what you are supposed to do, is wear undies. Stay firm and praise your child like mommy liz did! I did that and potty trained my son in two days!

Liz - posted on 05/06/2009




My son is turning 3 this summer, we started training when he turned 2 and has been wearing pull-ups since then. I thought we were nearing the end of training, when we had another set back and he started peeing in his pull-up and only going on the potty a couple times a day. I tried to get him to wear underwear before but he never wanted to. Finally I just decided, I know he knows when he needs to go, that it was time for underwear. I just told him that he was a big boy and it was time to wear underwear, no more peeing in his pants, I wasn't going to buy any more pull-ups. He resisted at first, but I just told him no pull-ups. the first couple days he had a couple accidents, but It has been over a week now and he's doing great. We just use the night time pull-ups for night time and even then he is not always wet in the morning. Last night he woke me up to take him to the potty. I think you just have to be firm and always lots of praise and cheering when he uses the potty. My son likes to watch Elmo's potty time movie and the free dvd from Pull-ups about potty training( sign up for one online).

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