my three year old is hard to potty train i heard girls where harder but man she wont even try

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Clarissa - posted on 01/05/2010




I have to disagree though. My son was so easy to potty train. We started a month before he turned 2 to try to get him interested in it. We bought him a cushioned potty seat, a sticker chart and a bag of skittles. Then every time he tried to go potty he got a sticker and every time he actually went potty in the toilet he got a skittle. We also made it a big deal about out gross it was to go peepee/poopoo in your pants and how big boys/big girls use the toilet because that is where it all belongs. We also gave him lots of hugs and kisses and sang potty songs and did the potty dance every time we went too. Needless to say it worked great and he was completely potty trained in just two months. Now that he's 3 he goes to the bathroom completely by himself and all I have to do is ask him if he remembered to flush the toilet. On the flip side, I babysit a couple of girls and the 2 1/2 yr old does not want anything to do with it. She just doesn't care whether she's dirty or not and every time I ask her if she has to go she will say "nope" then pee her pants 2 sec later. She's not interested in the stickers at all and gets upset if she cant have a treat even when she's wet. So all I can say is keep trying and that I hope that my 18 month old daughter will follow her brothers example! Good luck!

Candi - posted on 01/05/2010




I have always hear that girls are a lot easier. This has been true for me and all of my friends. My daughter just turned 2 and is potty trained. My son was 3. What worked for him was a sticker chart that I hung in the bathroom by the potty. If he went pee in the potty he got a sticker and if he went poo he got a fancy sticker. an x for accidents. If their was more stickers at the end of the week than x's he could chose a prize out of the prize box. Just cheep little dollar tree toys. It worked for him.

Cindy - posted on 01/04/2010




I have also heard that girls are alot easier then boys. My son was a few months shy of turning 4 before he was 100% potty trained. I had to let him do it on his on time when I would push him I was just delaying the progress because he would not use the potty chair for days or even weeks. My husband and I would make a big deal out of our selfs when we would use the bathroom like hey look at us we are big boy/girls for using the potty and he wanted to be called a big boys so we seen that he would use it but when he thought we were not looking. We also would give him a 1.00 for the day if he could go the whole 24hrs with out using it on him self and at the end of the week we would tell him how much he had got.... at the end of the month we would total the whole amount that he got and put half in his saving and the other half we would let him go to the dollar store and pick him something special out. Once we seen that he could do this with out the money then we didnt have to pay him any more and now he is doing so good and i dont have to, but you can find other little ways to make her get interested in the whole potty thing maybe a sticker chart or a special trip to the park after so many days using the potty. Good luck hope you find something that works.

Rebecca - posted on 01/04/2010




I have actually heard the opposite usually girls are supposed to be a lot easier. My 3 year old stepson is still potty training i started over a year ago with pull-ups and his mother does not even try to potty train him when is with her most of the month he would have been trained but she isn't doing anything, so stressful. But anyway you really have to get into it when she goes on the potty the world stops its a huge holiday lots of hugs and kisses, cheers and clapping and maybe give her an M&M for her hard work, that has worked with my step son we don't even have to give him treats anymore the emotional reward is very exciting for him. I put him on the potty about every 45mins sometimes every 30mins sometimes you can tell when they have to go. I always wake him up and put him strait on the potty, then after breakfast, before lunch after lunch then nap, then after nap and throughout the day and before bed the more consistent the better kids like routine she'll get the hang of it its a big transition to them, good luck!

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