Naked Potty Training?

Crystal - posted on 08/16/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




My son is 3 1/2 and he won't even try to use the potty. I've tried everything to get him to use the potty. And if you ask him he'll tell you that he needs to go in the big potty or in his little potty. I even have his little potty in his room where he can sit and watch tv while he goes, and that don't even work. I've taken advise from my friends who have kids around his age that are potty trained and nothing works. And now to top it off he's starting Pre-K this year. And he's not potty trained. And now he's starting to get bad diaper rashes that won't go away unless I have him naked.... and I'm trying to see if I go about letting him run around naked even when he don't have his diaper rash if maybe he'll start potty training naked... Does anyone have any advise on Naked Potty Training? I mean does it work like I read it does. And if so, when do you think it's a good time for him to start tryin to wear big boy underwear? And should I let him run around in the house all the time just in his t-shirt even when it's bedtime? I'm really new at this and if this naked potty training works for him. Then great. I just wanted to know if anyone else ever tried this.... Thanks....


Jenn - posted on 07/12/2013




I just started naked potty training yesterday. My daughter is 3 years 9 months old and has had absolutely ZERO interest in the potty. Sure she's gone on it a few times. But only when made to sit there, and only if she's just happened to had to go when I've sat her there. There's times where she's sat there for over and hour and then peed/pooped in her diaper the minute I put it on.

Well, she's been doing swim lessons at the local beach. So when we come home, she's still in her swim diaper, which doesn't hold in anything (I don't see the point but they're mandatory at the beach) We take off her suit and swim diaper and she sits on the potty while she has a quick snack before her bath. Well the other day, she finished her snack and I was doing something. She asked if she could play. I told her ok but if you need to pee or poop you go on the potty. 1 minute later she said "Mama I wanna sit on my potty" so of course I said ok and she peed!

Yesterday it was the same thing. So I decide to keep her naked for the rest of the day. Well... she peed on her potty about 5 more times, and had NO accidents. This is a huge breakthrough for her, so I decided that's what we're going to do.. When she's at home,shes naked. So far today she's gone on her potty 2x, completely on her own, with no prompting from me. Tomorrow we're going to exchange her diapers for pull ups (ONLY for when we're out or at bedtime).

Well after typing out this response, I just realized this thread is pretty old, but I'm going to post anyway, I found it by doing a search, maybe it'll help someone else out someday too.

Samantha - posted on 08/28/2010




Naked is fine while at home during potty training, it saves washing and sometimes helps kids to feel when they need to wee better. If you think it will help, then try it. Get some training pants for outings though, so as not to cause stress when there are accidents in the car or at the shops. Always encourgae going to the potty to have a try, and always praise them even for doing this. Sing a song or read a book while on there. take him every 20 mins if you have to until a wee is done. sometimes just getting it happening is the hardest part. Some poeple find giving them cold drinks will make them go easier too. hope this helps.

Heidi - posted on 08/27/2010




Naked PT worked for us. Unders felt too much like a diaper and we had accidents in every pair until we got the hang of going pee on the potty.

Naked bottom with baby legs if it was cool out.

Give them lots and lots to drink.

Tell, don't ask, every 15 minutes that it's time to go pee on the potty. Be encouraging, not disparaging.

Let him know that there are no more diapers in the day time. Reward him when he succeeds. Clean him up and try again when he has an accident.

It took us about a week of peeing everywhere BUT the potty, then all of a sudden she was peeing on the potty every 10-15 minutes for a few weeks.

I put pee pads on her car seat and just brought changes of pants in case we had accidents when out.

Right now, we only use diapers for sleep times.

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Tasia - posted on 08/28/2010




We are in the process of potty training my daughter who is 20 months and she does GREAT when she runs around with a naked bottom!! When she has a diaper on she pees in it and don't care...... but when she is naked and pees or even poops.... It's a big deal!! She don't like the cold on her legs and she don't like having a poop smelling butt.
Plus she is starting to learn that when she goes on her potty she gets a prize or a sticker. Rewarding them when they do a good job makes them want to do it more!!

Good luck and happy soon to be diaper free trails!! :)

Omnia - posted on 08/28/2010




Your kid is resisting just like my daughter was. they need to feel that it's their bladder and bowl needs and they're in charge of it. Take off the diappers and put him in underwears and let him know that it's his decision to go to the potty and make it always available to him yet, don't stress or presist or even mention the subject again to him, with some trials and errors he will be able to go on his own. Naked potty training helped because it make the access to the potty easier but keep everything clean and always wash his hands because he will touch and hold this area a lot. Also as soon as he starts to succeed put on the underwears.

Lori - posted on 08/26/2010




Hi, My son has just turned 3 and I havent put much effort into potty training with him. He wears Huggies Nappy Pants both nite and day time. Sometimes he wants to use Potty and sometimes he wants to use toilet. Im just leaving it upto him, coz I havent yet encountered an adult wearing a Nappy, well not unless their However I understand that when they start Pre-school they have to be toilet trained. The Naked potty training does work, I have heard from others. I think also taking your child to the shop for Big Boy underwear that he can choose would be encouraging too. Then put them on him every day. It may take a few days - week b4 he feels having wet underwear on isnt nice. Asking him every hour if he wants to go to wee's is good. I wish you all the best.

Kayla - posted on 08/18/2010




I say let him wear big boy underwear now - if he has an accident at least its not on your floor and he wont like being soaked/the way it feels...

Bratz - posted on 08/16/2010




it worked for all my girls and i was having trouble with all 6 of them it is hard in the beginning because they tend to have accidents, but it does work once the child gets use to going potty often than you can convince them to wear their big boy/ girl panties

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