New baby on the way & my 2 yr old hates his potty chair!

Amanda - posted on 06/10/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have another baby on the way and so my husband and I thought that now would be a good time to start pushing the whole potty training more. we went out and got a cool potty chair and our son likes to play with the potty chair and all the noises that it makes, and will sit on it with his cloths on. But when we take his pants off and put him on it he screams and freeks out! We have even tried to take him to the potty every time his dad or I go but nothing helps. I hear about my friends getting thier children to use thiers. Ive never had to potty train a toddler before so I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Our parents say to just wait but we have another baby on the way and I dont want my son to be 4 yrs old and still in diapers. Pluse buying diapers for two will be a big budget buster! Any thoughts?


Sacha - posted on 06/14/2011




we are in the same situation. Baby on the way and 2 year old working on getting out of diapers. We started 2 weeks ago and so far so good. We did a week with the potty in the same room as where he plays and stripped him down to just a t-shirt. He would be playing all the time and we would always ask "do you need to go to the potty" and he would say no or think about it and then go over on his own. As long as he thought he was deciding then he would go. Every time he went we would cheer and clap then would empty the potty and let him flush, so that he isn't scared to do it later and knows where it should go. When he would poop then we would make a big deal and cheer and say how good it is, the first time he was really skeptical and scared, but we got him through it by cheering and letting him flush.
After 5 days we put him in undies (no pull ups) and did the same... always reminding him and cheering when he did go... now this week we are working on the potty being in the bathroom and him in undies. He is doing really well with everything so far...

the biggest thing to always remember is not to push!! you want them to feel comfortable doing something and thinking that they are doing something that is good.. If they make a mess then you have to try not to get upset and clean it up with a smile and always remember to tell them, "it's alright, but next time go to the potty"... i think that is the most important thing to do when potty training. No matter how you go about training them just remember to be encouraging and consistent.

hope that helps some...

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