New mom and potty training! PLEASE HELP!

April - posted on 03/11/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a mom of twin boys and i am starting potty training. I know I know I should talk to moms of twins I have, I just wanna get other opinions too! I got underwear and potty chairs.... Now I just wanna know what to do... Do I need to set them on the potty every hour.... do I make them sit till they do something... should reward them when they use the potty... and OMG what do I do about going number 2?!?!?! they don't make face when they poop....I am so lost and I know i sound like a bad mom but please help!!!! I will take any and all advice! Thanks!!!

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Oggi - posted on 03/12/2010




i started with wen my son would wake up put him on the toilet on the toddler seat thingy. but i found out that he already wees wen he first gets up. wen i do put him on the toilet i would say wee wee and wait a bit maybe 3-5 mins. we he did wee we clapped and shouted u did it!! and i made sure he knew he was weeing. tried every hour and after a drink but it doesnt work, so every wenever i say lets go wee wee and he gets it. he'l tell me hes doing about to do or done a number 2. i can only say make it fun and if its still not working wait a while. i started potty training wen he was 16mths and didnt see the point. he'd go toilet but nt tell me. now his vocab is better and he understand so it makes sense for me but every child is diff. it took a friend 3days to potty train her son but it took me less than that to get him to count to 10.

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Hi April,

I dont have twins but i do have 2 youngs ones only about 1 1/2 apart. When I started potty training I would my son on the toilet first thing in the morning and even when he woke up from nap and now im starting the same thing with my daughter who will be 2 in July. Through out the day I do take them about once every hour or so or when my son lets me know (finally)and I have to remember to put them on the pot 5-10 mins after eating any meal. I have had plenty of accidents because i would forget but its a part of the learning process. My son is doing pretty well so far, no accidents in about 3 weeks and now I am trying to get my daughter on that level but with time and patience it will be done. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!

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