Potty trained, but not poop trained, HELP

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My son turned 3 on October, he has been potty trained for about 7 months...but refuses to even try pooping on the toilet. He either waits until nap or bedtime when he gets a pull up and then poops, or will tell us during the day he needs a pull up and poops. He freaks out if we try taking him to the toilet for poop....How do I get him past this?

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Michelle - posted on 03/23/2011




My son is almost 4 and has been potty trained since about 18months but still refuses to poop on the potty. He also waits for bedtime. We have him in undies and have taken diapers away but still doesnt see to phase him. Did you find any ideas on how to get your son to go?

Roxanne - posted on 01/06/2010




Why dont you start taking little baby steps for instance everytime he goes in his nappy take the nappy off of him take him to the toilet with you and tip the contents into the toilet and ask him to flush it.. make a massive fuss of that like flushing the toilet is a massive fun thing to do and hope fully he will put two and two together and eventually work it out! I dont think you are alone lots of people have problems with there children pooing in the toilet . Just explain that mummy uses the toilet and daddy make it familiar and let him come round to the idea in his own terms ! x

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