Potty Trained by day, pull up by night

Ellynne - posted on 03/17/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My almost three year old daughter is potty trained during the day but refuses to go pee at night and can't go to bed with out her pull up which is soaked in the morning...any suggestions would be great=-)


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Try to make sure she goes potty JUST before going to bed as part of her routine, and then FIRST thing when she wakes up in the morning (and I mean as soon as you think she's awake - get her on the potty). Just hang in there - she'll get the hang of it & start understanding what her body is telling her.


My now 5 yr old took about a year to potty train all the way (3rd birthday to 4th birthday) to where she was consistently staying clean all night. You just have to find ways to help. I let my girls know that it's okay to wake Mommy up if they need help going potty at night - we used night-lights so they can see their way to the potty.

I'm still struggling with my 2nd daughter (3.5 yrs old) who is such a different personality and sometimes doesn't care if she's a baby by wearing diapers. Her interest has just been piqued with the possibility of a new dolly for staying clean for 7 nights in a row, so I'm hoping she'll be more motivated. Goals are good - I keep a sticker chart to track her progress.


Try different things until something fits your little girl's personality. Good Luck!!

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