Potty training a 3yo who simply does not care

Krit - posted on 03/10/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




This is my third boy to train. I always started to consistently potty train at 3yo and was done (night and day) in 10 days or less. But this kid...yikes.

He turned 3 in January, we feel he was ready earlier but we were moving and wanted one big change at a time. Hind sight tells me that I should have just said that "big boys in new houses use the potty" but that is why hind sight is 20/20.

This kid doesn't follow anyone. He does not care what big brothers are doing. If they are around playing together and having fun, #3 is doing his own thing. And I try not to compare the kids because as boys they do that well enough on their own.

Right now on the weekends when I am home I remind him every 30 min and he is kicking and screaming but eventually goes. Then during the week when I am at work his father (staying home) or the in-laws (who watches them also) just put him in pull-ups. I think my only option is to take my vacation time at work to stay home and potty train, which in turn makes my life easier so I guess that can count.

Does anyone else have any suggestions/recommendations? Any help is greatly appreciated.



Leslie - posted on 03/10/2009




I only have one in my house that I have potty trained (fully trained by 22 months to toot my own horn :)but I work at a preschool and I have potty trained many. The consistency is the big thing. I assume you are putting him in underwear since in laws are putting pull ups on him, that is what needs to stop. He knows he "doesn't have to go to the potty", but it is also confusing when he gets put into underwear. I also suggest using something he likes to get him to go, marshmallows, M&Ms, bubble baths, something he only can have if he goes to the potty. Might have to start with getting one M&M if you sit, two M&Ms if you got potty, three if you go poop. But the big thing is TRY to get the others to work with him because even with him not being interested just like the others you should be done with it in a couple of weeks. I just got a 3 and half year old finally potty trained, he couldn't have given a hoot about the potty but once I got the parents to work with me, bringing underwear and using them at home too no matter how many accidents, a few jelly beans later (two weeks) and he is potty trained. Oh make sure EVERYONE calls it the same thing, potty, pee pee, TT, poo poo, whatever it my be, for my son every one said "make pee pee", it can be confusing to some child when they don't know exactly what they are to do.

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