Potty Training b/g 2 1/2 Twins- Daughter is holding her pee and has accidents

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I am potty training my 2/12 year old b/g twins and was using the 3 day potty training method. We are in day 7. My son is doing really well. He tells me when he needs to go and rarely has accidents. My daughter is holding her pee and even when I put her on the potty she holds it. Sometimes she may let go but usually it ends up her wetting her pants. She has no problem going poo on the potty the main problem is peeing. Sometimes she will scream and shout. I don't know if I should stop and just focus on my son or keep on going and eventually it will click for her. ( I am not night training yet they wear pull ups at night) I am so frustrated and I don't want them to see it.
Plus when do I start leaving the house. Do I put on pull ups when I leave the house?
Please Help! Thanks:)

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