Potty Training TIps Needed For Training My Almost 3 Year Old

Liane - posted on 08/31/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm trying to potty train my daughter of almost 3 years old.Ive tried evreyting Ive heard & read about.Reward system,taking toys & priveledges away,showing her that her toys can potty too,putting her baby brother on the potty chair,attempts at verbal convincing in various ways,explaining how fun it is to do big girl things.I have roomates so it isnt often that its a good idea to have her run around the house without a diaper,but I do sometimes.I let her wear regular panties instead sometimes too which she wants to do.But shes being very defiant & wants to compete with her baby brother to be the baby.Any suggestions?

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Brittney - posted on 08/31/2012




Keep the undies on, don't punish her for having an accident, put her on the potty often. Get rid of the diapers and do not use pull ups. Its confusing.

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