Potty Training treats/rewards

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My son is almost 19 months old and is starting to be interested in the potty. He will tell me if he has to go #2, but always ends up telling me after he has already done #1 in his pants. We have been making a big deal when he does go on the potty, but I would like to reward him without giving him candy or sweets. Any ideas?

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go to the dollar store and get him toys, or stickers, or what ever makes hom happy and is cheap enought to give him several in a day.

(those little dinos you can buy a whole bag for a buck or two)

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Christie-- I give my daughter stickers on a chart when she goes. It seems to be working thus far.

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at his age, i think kisses, hugs, and praise is pretty darn good.

i've heard of people using sticker books. he might be a little young to understand the idea of a chart and a more long-term goal/reward.

i agree that you should avoid the treats if possible. we resorted to m&m's to entice our son to do poop in the potty. now he announces "i poop for chocolate!" arg. he totally doesn't need it anymore. i think we're hoping he'll wean himself off the m&m's when the bag runs out. :o)

at 19 months, it's really normal that he isn't sully aware that he needs to go until *that moment*. our son also went through a phase of informing us he peed just afterwards. it was frustrating to no end. his daycare provider kept assuring us that it was a good milestone and that being aware *before* needing to go was around the corner. we stuck with taking our son to the potty every hour and eventually, he started letting us know when he had to go. we usually have to question him, but the awareness is kicking in.

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