Scared of the potty?

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My daughter will pull at her diaper, and go to the bathroom door telling me when she has to go, but she won't actually go when I put her on the potty. We've sat there for 20min and she will wait until I take her off to go ...I tried the big girl panties, I've tried pull ups, I have tried giving her treats/rewards, I tried a potty chair and a potty ring for the toilet, I've tried everything people have advised me to do. I think she may be scared of going. I know it's a big step for a toddler ... I am just confused since she tells me she has to go, but she doesn't actually go until I put a pull up or panties back on her. Anyone else's toddlers scared when the potty training started?


Brittney - posted on 02/05/2012




Mine was scared when she was 6 months old because she fell off her potty trying to get up. Maybe she had a bad/scary experience? Like falling off the potty, being scolded for not going, maybe her feelings were hurt by something someone said. My daughter was almost potty trained at 8 months old, but since she had fallen off she was scared to sit on it and it took until she was 15 months to potty train her.

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