tips on potty training a 2 year old girl

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Shandy - posted on 10/16/2009




I got a little potty and took of the diaper and just let her run around with BIG girl panties on. I got the dora ones and told her not to pee on Dora Dora doesn't like that. My Jylli is 2 1/2 and had been doing wonderful! With the little potty I put it in the living room and let her watch dora while sitting on it. When she went for the first time she was just thrilled and happy for herself! I also gave m&ms and a reward. Good luck, she will do it when shes ready!

Jamie - posted on 10/15/2009




my daughter is 18 months, and ive been potty training her for 3 days now and she basically has it down. all i did is i went to the bathroom first and showed her. said see mama goes pee pee on the toilet like a big girl, only big girls go pee on the potty.. and she LOVES it. i didnt get the little one i just got the seat that goes on the toilet. and when she pees i give her 5 m&m's. she hasnt pooped yet though. just make it really really fun for them and they usually go for it

Shannon - posted on 10/15/2009




What's worked the best for me so far is to take away the diaper for a while. I sat my daughter on a towel and let her watch a movie. Then, when she started to go, I ran her to her potty chair in the bathroom. Since then, she's recognized the feeling, and stopped herself in time. She's doing great.

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