Transition from potty chair to adult toilet

Michelle - posted on 08/04/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 2.5 year old daughter who is potty trained for pee, during day time at home. She still asks for the diaper if she has to poop but does not sit on her potty chair. How can i encourage her to sit and poop on the potty chair?
Also i would like her to use the adult potty slowly. What is the best way to do this transition. I am thinking of getting a soft potty seat to put on the adult toilet seat. Will this work out.
Can someone give me suggestions.

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Brittney - posted on 08/05/2012




Poop training is harder than pee training, if she asks for a diaper to poop into, just put her on the potty and tell her poop goes in the potty. When my daughter was about 17 months old, she was sick for the longest time and never made any of the poops in the potty (either on the floor or in her undies) and when I asked her where poop goes, she told me the floor. It took awhile, but I gave her 1 piece of candy per poop in the potty and eventually she never had another accident (so far). I left her bare bum and left her potty chair right there next to her, slowly moving it back to her room. It was about 2 months or so after being day pee trained...she finally went in her potty to poop.

As for adult potty, make sure she can get up there without the fear of falling. Have a step stool and a cushioned potty seat. I recommend having it on the potty at all times, just in case. Start by telling her when she has to go potty, to go here (point to the big potty) and put her on it so she knows that is where you go. I still hold my daughter over the toilet if I don't have a potty seat with me, but she was never afraid of it. I also have an open door policy, where Ruby can watch me go potty.

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