What do you do if your child is scared to sit on the toilet or potty?


Mandy - posted on 08/12/2013




I found this cute little picture book that helped my son's transition tremendously. Find it on Amazon under "TEENY TOTTY" or go directly to their website www.LoewenHerz-Creative.com/Teeny-Totty. Moving our children from potty to toilet can be almost as difficult as getting them on the potty in the first place. Any bit of support helps! With warmth and sensitivity, this picture book guides little boys and girls through the challenges and rewards of transitioning from a potty to a grown-up toilet. It also includes a helpful note to parents. Good luck!!! (P.S.: it's also available as an eBook)


Lourdes - posted on 08/13/2009




Try showing him what you do in the potty.

here's a little extra advice:
I put my daughter on a schedule when i was training him. I had him trained in three months.
Make a schedule using time intervals. start of short and work your way to longer spans.
For instance 7:00, 7:10, 7:20..... Sun-Sat, put faces to describe what happened in that time, so if you took him at 7:00 and he did potty, then you put a smiley face :-).
If he didn't, then you put a regular face :-|. If he had an accident then you put a sad face :-(.
As you keep track, you will know what's what and when. Once you see that he's going less, then you may want to increase the intervals from every 10 minutes to every 15 or 20.
The chart will tell you how much to increas or decrease. You keep doing this till he's good to go on his own.
Keep his diapers on at nite but make sure you take him to do potty before bed.
After doing this for about a week or two, if he wakes up dry every day, then you can put him to bed without diapers.
when going out. make sure you take him to potty before leaving, then again once you've arrive at your destination; and in intervals like i mentioned above.
When you get back home, take him to potty again. Make sure you keep his diaper on for outings. Accidents may happen and better safe than sorry.
You want to do this for about two months. once you see that he hasn't had an accident outside, then you may want to do away with diapers altogether.
Praise him when he goes in the potty. Be gentle when he has an "accident". Explain why in the potty and not on the floor or on himself.
Don't worry if you think he doesn't understand, he will get the picture eventualy.
One more key, this may sound kind of yukky but it works. have him see you pee, and doodoo in your toilet. he will know then that tha's what your supposed to do in the potty.
I hope you understand all this and i haven't confused you.
Put the chart next to the potty and have him see you jot down the faces. make it fun!!!

Good Luck.

Melissa - posted on 08/12/2009




my son loves coming in the bathroom when others are in there (me or my husband), but he doesn't really want to sit on his potty much anymore. he cries when i ask if he has to potty...i feel your pain, and i know what you're going through! i'm taking a break from potty training for a bit to get his jitters out. last weekend we had a little boy over who is potty training on the big toilet. my son walked in the bathroom while he was on it and said "oooooooooooh!" so perhaps a few more play dates and he will show more interest!

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Fern - posted on 08/09/2009




Start by letting your child come in the bathroom with you and show him/her what you did in the potty. Let your child flush when you go. Then start talking about him/her using the potty. Take your child and let him/her pick out their own special potty and buy a small basket and let your child choose some special toy/books that are only used when the child is on the potty. My son like his doodle board and is only allowed to use it when on the potty. Its one of the magnetic/erasable types. You definitely have to go in stages according to the child's readiness/cooperation. They will eventually show interest and want to be a big kid. Also try using some underwear instead of pullups. Pullups don't feel wet.

Brooke - posted on 08/08/2009




dr phil has a show were he talks about potty traiing he suggests getting a baby doll that goes pee and show your littleone that babysnot scarred and when baby doll goes potty everyone cheers and its a party he says to do that quit a few times and every so often ask your child if they want to go ,he also says that one of the little potties might be less scarey,but yeah i bet you could go to drphil.com and find that episode it would be under his classics,but just show you little one that the doll can do it and that the doll getts all this great encorugment and cheers,ow yea give the baby doll a name ,hope that helps. brooke

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