What is the best method to potty train your toddler?

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Cathy - posted on 08/05/2009




Depends on how 'mature' your child is too... but I am taking the advice of my sister-in-law who has trained 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls), and she said this technique has worked every time:

Use all of your nappies so there are none in the house!

Put the child into training pants (not normal pants as the trainers at least soak a little of the accidents up)

Choose your tools (potty, the chair over the real toilet, nothing at all)

Put the child on the chosen tool every 20 mins, at least until you get the words "do a wee? do a poo?"

Chuck absolute berserker of a party, hug, run around silly... well, be super happy ;) when they do it right

If we have an accident, put them on the potty/toilet as soon as possible and say "poos go in the toilet/potty" "wees go in the toilet/potty" in a firm low (not angry) voice. Try to make it REALLY easy to tell the difference between failure and success.

No nappies at all, so do the same until bedtime! (No drinks at least 2 hours before bed) If they really need a drink, only a sip.

Put the child on the potty/toilet as soon as you hear them moving in the morning - that's their weakest time.

ANy accidents in the night, you do the exact same thing as the day, put them on the toilet/potty and tell them where their poos and wees go...

Man, if you do it day and night at the same time, they get the idea really quickly, and it's pretty much over in 2 weeks. My sister-in-law had to postpone one of her children (as they just weren't getting it after 2 weeks) and waited a couple months, tried the same routine and wham, a week after starting, all done!

My daughter was done in just over a week, day and night... was brilliant! I will start my second daughter after she turns 2 (even though I've put her on the toilet before - when she'd been running around with no nappy to air out a rash and she did a poo AND a wee on the toilet)

Nicole - posted on 08/05/2009




make it fun. For my boys that was the only way to get them even in the bathroom and then be consistant in what ever method that you are going to start with

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