Whats the best way to potty train??

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Natalie - posted on 05/27/2009




i got him too choose his potty lime green and he sits on it whenever we change him and if we at home he has the oppertunity to use it he needed to get use to it we nowhere near trained but hes excepted it the potty that is. its not about preasurising him or getting cross when they wont weve been plodding on like this 1 month and he weeed for the first time today without jumping off

Lawren (CINA) - posted on 05/27/2009




With the potty training I waited until Alexandria turned 2 to start, however; I introduced the potty chair to her sooner. We bought a cute potty book to read together, stickers. When she turned two it was on. No diapers, no pull-ups just training panties. the 1st week she wasn't interested so I tried it again a week later. We started off training for half day's in panties, naptime she wore diapers. As she progressed we moved up to full days. Oh my gosh! There were fun days, it was a mess, a challenged but it worked. You just have to be very encouraging and try not to fuss when they have accidents, but be firm and let them know. I was making up all kinds of crazy potty songs and dances for us to do during the process. Once she achieved it, she was good to go. It took about 2 weeks for her to go pp continuously but about a month to get her to go poop. Oh, I had to leave the potty chair in the same area where she could see it constantly, having it in the bathroom didn't work, once they understand the concept later move it there (too many distractions & it takes too long to run in there). Dria's 28 months and doing well but I haven't moved the potty into the bathroom yet though. We put a pull-up on her when we do go out i'm not ready for public bathrooms with her.

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