when and how do u potty train?!!

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Kellie - posted on 01/08/2009




My son is almost 3 and the method I'm using seems to be working very well.  My sister also used this method on her daughter when she first turned two and she did good with it.  The first few days suck but the rewards are there.  It looks like you have a little girl so you can start potty training her as young as 18 months.  Make sure you can be home with her for 3 days straight.  One morning just tell her that she's a big girl now and you're going to throw the diapers away.  Put her in her undies with no pants on so you'll know when she goes.  Then start pushing fluids and be at her side every second.  Constantly be offering drinks.  It's good to have a variety.  Everytime she pees (without making a big deal) say that's yucky, pee goes in the potty and take her and set her on the potty.  Keep doing that over and over.  Also, keep saying every couple minutes, "tell mommy if you have to go potty or do you have to go potty."  The first time she finishes on the potty sing, dance, make a huge deal, put a sticker on a potty sticky chart (I just hung a piece of paper above the toilet to put stickers on) and give  her some m&m's or some kind of treat she doesn't normally get.   Just keep doing this over and over until it clicks.  It may take over a day before she is going in the potty so be prepared for a messy couple days but once it clicks she'll have less and less accidents.  Obviously you'll have to remind her a lot and always be asking her if she has to go for a couple weeks.  This is supposed to work for poop too but my son is having a hard time with that.  Just do the same thing, say that's yucky and get her to the bathroom. 

It really sucks having to follow them around for 3-4 days straight.  You don't get anything done and it makes for a long day.  It will be worth it though.  You have to catch them doing it to teach them so you have to be there every second.  The minute I turned my back on my son was when he went.  Just take her with you wherever you go.  If you have to run to the kitchen for some coffee, take her with.  Even if it's only going to take a minute.   Obviously you're not going to get anything done during these 3-4 days so make sure you're off work, you have no other kids around and you don't have any jobs you think your going to get done around the house.  Also plan on having a lot of underwear and possible having to wash them during nap time.

We are also using undies at nap time and have tried using them at night time too.  I got waterproof pads to put on the bed from Wal-Mart (Brand Name was Baby Connection).  I found them in the baby section.  I lay them over the sheets so if he has an accident I don't have to strip the bed.  Just try to make sure you cut the fluids 1.5 hr before nap time (this may mean an early lunch) and then try and make her go potty before bed, say,  "it's time to go potty".  If she doesn't go then just put her to bed and hope she goes next time.  At bedtime cut the fluids 2-2.5 hrs before bedtime and try and make her go potty before bed.  I would try underwear for a week at bedtime and see how she's doing.  If she's consistently wet in the morning or you keep having to get up in the middle of the night switch to a diaper or pull ups at night.  As long as you get those pads from Walmart it won't be too messy for you.  I would at least try it though.  I think some kids can do it and others can't.  Good Luck.  

You can usually tell when they're ready to start.  The biggest ways to tell are their diaper is dry for longer periods of time or they show interest in the potty.  Also some kids will start taking their diapers off or telling you they need to be trained.

Sophia - posted on 01/08/2009




My son, Samuel is 19 months old and potty training is going oddly. He was introduced to the potty at 14 months and hated the thing. So we tried again at 16 months, this time he was glad to sit on it but only with his pants on. Finally, he has recently grasped the concept of what it's for. He'll sit there for at least 15-20 min but doesn't always go. A good children's book (Sam's favorite...Elmo goes to the potty with sound buttons) is a good way to keep them on the potty. I'm starting to think this is going to take ALOT longer than I thought it would. I just keep telling myself to be consistent and that no one ever started college still in diapers. Good Luck!

Karen - posted on 01/08/2009




Hi Sara, all children are different, but you will know when the time is right to potty train your child. i thought it would be hard to potty train when i had my daughter, she was about 13 months old when i started to potty train her. i made a big deal of her wearing big girl knickers and put a potty in the front room, i told her what the potty was for, at first she had a few  accidents but she got the hang of it after about 1-2 weeks

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