When do you start potty training? And how do you start?


Candice - posted on 11/12/2009




I have slowly been introducing my daughter to her potty since she was 12months old. First we got her to sit on it with her nappy on while she read a book. This was just to get her used to sitting still long enough to actually do a wee or poo on it. Then as she got a bit older we moved the potty to the toilet and then when we went to the toilet we asked her if she wanted to go. If she ran to the toilet then we would take her nappy off and put her on the potty with a book (this helped her sit still). Then when we were done on the toilet we would ask her if she had done a wee and let her look in the potty. If there was a wee we would make a big deal and tell her she had done a wee. If not we would just say no wee this time and leave it at that.
Now she is almost 19months old and uses the potty for both wees and poos quite regularly. We just put a pull up on her and then all through the day give her opportunities to go to the toilet. But we never ever forced her to sit on the potty if she didnt want to. Hoping that as she gets older still she will be able to let us know when she wants to go. But we are making progress. Best of luck with your daughter.

Isabelle - posted on 11/11/2009




Don't feel bad about not knowing when to start potty training. I'm currently goint through the same thing with my son. Jourdan is 2 and I put him on the potty in the morning before getting him ready for school, but I don't know how consistent the teachers are with enforcing the potty rule at his school. The one thing I suggest is pick a goal and stick to it will be hard because not too many people are great at being consistent. Consistency is the key. Don't rush it, potty training for some kids takes a lot of getting used to. So like I start a plan and then gradually start striving for reaching your goal.

Lastly another thing that may help is creating a cut off time with liquids. If you know that your child goes to bed or gets ready for bed at a certain time make the cut off time at least an hour or half hour before the child goes to bed. This way they will stay dryer longer through out the night and they'll probably have more to release in the morning. Whatever you decide to do just make sure you stick to it. Don't switch the routine in the middle.

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April - posted on 11/14/2009




My daughter is 18 months old and has started letting me know when she needs to be changed. I got her a little potty and put it in my big bathroom. She likes to lift the lid and put it back down. Then she started to sit on it. She has sat on it several times but done nothing. We've only been doing this 2 days so I'm sure eventually she will go.

Linda - posted on 11/12/2009




I have a 2 and 3 year old boys and they have been sitting on the potty since they both was 11/2 and the 3 year old is potty trained except at night because he drinks to much and he does have a few accidents when he is to busy playing out doors or with friends. the 2 year old does very well but won't wear big boy pants yet but doesn't wet the pull ups only poops in them some times. and he has been waking up dry but he doesnt drink as much as the 3 year old. chuckie cheese tokens from santa has helped out the last few months.

Charlene - posted on 11/12/2009




Well, thanks for all the advice but I have a little girl. She doesn't seem to be afraid of the potty, I been letting her come in the bathroom with me when I go so she starts to get the hang of it, the biggest problem I have is setting a cut off for liquids cause she goes to bed with a bottle. But thanks to all.

Melissa - posted on 11/11/2009




My son is 19 months ol and i want to start potty training him.. he know what it means becaus ehe goes to the bathroom , i just dont know how to start...

Tenille - posted on 11/11/2009




It depends on the child if they are letting you they need to be changed is one sign. If he/she can go threw a nap with out a wet diaper thats another sign. I always start with letting him get to know the potty ( buy a little one because its not so scarey cause some kids can become scared of it) buy a book or short video so they can see and last but not least I would let my son pick a pack of underware for him self so is excited about starting to use the potty. I would also have a tresure box so he could pick something (sticks,cars,candy,etc things I found a the dollar store) when he use the potty.

Kristy - posted on 11/11/2009




i let my son free ball it out side until he got the hang of what it dose than let him start copying his dad at nightso he saw what was going on. the best time to start is summer before their 3rd birthday. Or your child will let you know when it is time by wanting to to go with everyone and asking questions just remember not to punish for mistakes

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